Title: Breakfast in bed
Author: leetah47
Rating: MA
Pairing: Will/Sharon – The Closer
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters.
The Closer, Will and Sharon are the property of
Summary: Two weeks into their relationship Will and Sharon spend a lazy morning in bed.
Thanks: To the pal, the babe and the best friend for looking over the story and approving.
Challenge: 30 Days in Sharon’s Bed


Sharon Raydor was happy. Everything was going right for a change. FID didn’t presently have any open cases, so they could catch up on all the paperwork that always seemed to end up on their desks; she hadn’t had a run-in with Chief Johnson in weeks; she had the day off; and there was a new man in her life.

Though it wasn’t the smartest thing in the world to be dating the boss, Sharon had no regrets about dating Chief Will Pope, not when it felt this right and not when it made her this happy. They had been dating for about two weeks now, driven together by mutual attraction and desire. There had been two weeks of dinner dates, making out in the car, hurrying inside for fast and furious lovemaking, sleeping, working and then doing it all over again. It was glorious.

She was sure they would be doing something tonight as well and was enjoying the anticipation. She had showered and put on a matching panty set and tank top, letting her hair air dry. Although normally, it was blow dried in the morning, making it straight, today she couldn’t be bothered. She turned up her stereo and started to dance to the music.

She went to the kitchen and put on coffee. While she waited for the coffee to percolate, she moved back to the living room, dancing, singing and fluffing her hair to help it dry causing her to almost not hear the sound of the doorbell. On the second ring she noticed and danced over to the door, expecting maybe the mailman. She didn’t expect Will Pope holding a brown paper bag and coffee and with a sheepish look on his face.

Her surprise quickly turned into a big smile. “I thought we were doing something tonight. Don’t you have to work?” she asked as she leaned against the doorframe, her arms crossed.

“Well, I decided since you had the day off, I would do the same…I’m not disturbing you, am I?”

Sharon decided he was cute when he was uncertain. She also liked the way his eyes drifted over her body; the tank top was not hiding much in the morning light. “Depends,” she purred, “what’s in the bag?”

“Uhm, I brought breakfast…croissants, fruit, latté.” He held up the bag.

“Let’s eat it in bed,” she offered enthusiastically and pulled him into the house.


Sharon’s bedroom was spacious and full of natural light. The most prominent piece of furniture was her large bed, which at this time of the morning was bathed in sunlight. She had drawn the white gauzy curtains, which were billowing gently from the partially open window. Will had stripped down to his boxers and was now reclined on the bed against the headboard.

She joined him in the bed as he opened the bag with their breakfast. She grabbed a latté and sipped it gently, snuggling into the massive amounts of pillows. “This is the proper way to spend a day off,” she sighed.

Will hummed his approval and handed her a croissant. They ate while Will looked around the bedroom. “This is the first time I’ve really seen your bedroom. I’ve never noticed how nice it is.”

She smiled. “We only made it in here once.” She saw him noticing the pictures on the wall over her dresser. “My family,” she said, anticipating his question. “My daughter Marissa, her husband Jack, their daughter Emily…she’s five. My sister is there on the left; her name is Shelly… my parents…”

He got out of bed to look closer at the pictures. “You have a big family. Do you see them often?”

“As often as I can. My sister has children and grandchildren, too. Good thing she has a big house for reunions.” She could see Will wanted to ask more and it really should scare her how well she already knew him.

“And Marissa’s father…”

“We divorced when Marissa was twenty. It was amicable and we still talk once in a while. We just wanted different things. He worked a lot and I had stayed home while Marissa was little, but when she started school I wanted to go back to work. So he worked and I worked and somewhere along the line we grew apart. Despite what people may think, I love what I do.”

He smiled at her. “I know.” Apparently he was getting to know her as well as she was getting to know him. “So, a grandmother, huh?”

She got that reaction a lot. Nobody really believed the hardnosed Captain from FID could have children, let alone grandchildren. She shrugged her shoulders. “Is that…okay with you?”

Will smiled. “I always thought grandmothers were little old ladies, not hot sexy women.”

She laughed at that, adoring him just a little more. Sharon could see Will’s mind coming up with an idea. “What are you thinking? She questioned.

“I’m thinking I wanna open that bag of fruit and eat it off your body.” He waggled his eyebrows at her.

She giggled delightedly. “Okay.”

He ran towards the bed and jumped at her. She squealed with excitement as his lips started attacking her neck before moving to her lips and drawing her into a long passionate kiss. His hands moved to peel the tank top from her and they separated long enough to get the offending garment off. It landed somewhere on the floor. He got a good look at the deep purple coloured panty set.

“Are you sure you weren’t expecting company this morning?” His fingers traced the lacy edge of the bra.

“No…I felt beautiful, so I thought I would dress in something beautiful…you make me feel beautiful, Will.”

He smiled at her and brushed her hair back. “That’s because you are beautiful, Sharon.” He finally reached for the bag of fruit and placed a piece of peach on the swell of her left breast, before closing his mouth around it, letting some juice escape so he could lick it off. Sharon giggled at the sensation. He held up another piece and placed it between his lips, leaning in so she could reach. She sucked the morsel from him and chewed it while he picked out a strawberry. When she lay back down, he placed the strawberry in her navel. Her skin contracted slightly from the cold and the ticklish sensation. It got worse when Will ran his tongue in collapsing circles around her navel. She giggled uncontrollably, trying to lie still for him; finally he ate the berry.

He licked his way up again until he encountered her bra. “As pretty as this is, it needs to go.”

She smiled and reached beneath her to snap open the closure with one hand, but didn’t do anything else. He reached into the bag and got out a piece of melon which he fed her before slowly dragging the straps of the bra down her arms. He threw it carelessly away and then gently caressed the contours of her breast. Another dip in the bag brought forth a strawberry. Will bit off the tip and then placed the berry on her nipple, coating it with strawberry juice.

Her giggles turned into a moan as his lips closed around the nipple, sucking the juice off her skin.

“So sweet,” he whispered against her breast.

“Yeah,” she moaned, “good strawberries.”

“I meant you,” he smirked at her and she rolled her eyes good-naturedly, before framing his face and dragging him up to her lips. He tasted of strawberries and the unique flavour that was Will. The residue fruit juice on her skin transferred to him as they lay kissing, making them stick together in places. She giggled at the sensation of separating when he again moved down her body.

He grabbed a piece of melon and started painting his way down her skin. Down the valley between her breasts, his tongue followed the sticky trail, licking all traces of juice from around her navel and on her abdomen just above the edge of her panties. He ate the melon as he dragged her panties down her legs, caressing them on the return trip. She parted her legs enough for him to fit in the space between them. She knew what was coming next and the anticipation made her clit throb. Will smiled and held eye contact with her. “Open for me, love.”

She slowly parted her legs more, biting her bottom lip. Will took hold of her right leg and placed it gently over his shoulder. He let his thumb slide gently through her wetness, unconsciously licking his lips before moving closer.

She felt his lips on her inner thigh and as his mouth closed over her sex. She leaned further back into the bed and shamelessly pushed forward against his touch, moaning in pleasure as he expertly found and started to caress her swollen clit with his talented tongue.

She grabbed the back of his head with one hand to hold him to her and reached behind her to grab the headboard with the other. His tongue was sweeping over her clit in slow, agonizing strokes, making her writhe against his mouth. She opened her eyes to look at him. The sight of him so reverently pleasuring her made her whole body shiver with desire. His eyes met hers but his efforts didn’t falter and the combination of his ministrations and the intense look in his eyes triggered a climax with an intensity that she had rarely experienced before. She couldn’t hold back the scream of completion that tore from her throat.

Will slid his hand over her abdomen to limit her movements as she bucked against his mouth. He didn’t let up and added a finger, then two to his efforts, pushing into her tight sheath. He could feel the gentle remains of her climax contracting around his fingers as he slowly moved them within her, coercing another response from her body. He sucked her clit into his mouth just as his finger hit the right spot deep within her.

Sharon arched her body against his mouth. It was good, so good and she cried out her delight as he made her climax again. “Oh God, Will …Oh GOD!”

He brought her down gently, smoothing his hand over her body as he moved his kisses to her inner thigh, letting her catch her breath. Her whole body was shaking with the aftershocks; and when his eyes met hers, they were dazed. She reached for him, needing to feel him in her arms. “So good….” she whispered.

Will couldn’t hold back a satisfied smile and offered a respite only as long as it took to remove his boxers before he crawled up the bed and placed himself between her spread legs, his hardness pressing insistently against her wet flesh. She had no time to react, only to feel, as Will effortlessly slid into her. Her muscles tightened around him in her aftershocks causing him to groan at the exquisite feeling.

Sharon wrapped her legs around his waist; her arms going around his neck, as Will set a gentle rocking motion that built the tension slowly. Their position allowed him unlimited access to her chest and he took advantage of the opportunity to lavish her breasts with attention. Sharon was drowning in the sensation his touch was creating. His hot mouth branding her as his; his hard cock thrusting steadily into her; it was too much and yet not enough. “More…oh, Will, please, harder!” she breathed.

He increased the pace in response to her pleas, thrusting faster and harder. She held on, her nails sinking into his back, as she cried out her delight. This time when her release rushed through her body, she whimpered through it, buried her head against his neck and clutched his body, never wanting to let go.

He joined her with a low moan of her name, pushing into her and holding them still. She could feel him throbbing inside of her as his release claimed him and she clenched her muscles around him with all her might. He was breathing into her neck and she kissed his temple, taking everything he had to give. He finally rolled off of her and lay back on the bed, catching his breath.

“Wow!” he uttered between breaths.

Sharon released an affirmative sound, a mix between a giggle and a yes. She wrapped one leg over his and rested her head and hands on his chest. “Best day off ever,” she admitted, a beautiful relaxed smile on her lips.

He laughed and lifted his head enough to reach her lips. “Certainly is.”

“Can we sleep for a little while?” she asked when she felt her eyes grow heavy.

He hummed in agreement. “Let me just do this first.” He grabbed some tissues from the box on her bedside table and cleaned himself before gently cleaning her too. They helped each other turn the bed down and then crawled under the covers. Sharon lay on her side and Will spooned up behind her, holding her close. Within minutes, they were asleep.


When they woke again, it was afternoon. Sharon stretched and groaned sleepily as Will tightened his arms around her. She turned in his arms and they kissed lazily for a while.

They slowly separated and she smiled up at him, an idea springing to her mind. “We should go out somewhere,” she declared.

“Where do you want to go?” He asked, kissing the top of her head.

“I don’t know; the park, the beach…somewhere where I can walk with you, hold your hand and enjoy the sunshine.” She was smiling and he quickly warmed to the idea.

“Like couples do?” A slight blush appeared on her cheeks as she nodded. He leaned in and gave her a thorough kiss. “Then we should get up and shower, because we’re both still all sticky from the fruit.”

He started to get out of bed when her hand on his arm stopped him. “Will, I…” The words got stuck in her throat. “Thank you for this morning; it was wonderful.”

His large hand held her face and he kissed her gently. “You’re welcome, Sharon.”

It wasn’t the right time for that declaration yet, but as Sharon watched Will walk towards her bathroom, confident in his nakedness, and beckoning her to join him, she knew the right time would be very soon.

The End.