Title: Episode Addition to "Drive"

Author: leetah

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Paramount bla bla bla

Summary: Janeway and Chakotay get together after the race in Drive

Author’s note: This is the baddest idea I’ve ever had of getting them together but hey if it works…

I actually dreamt the part where B’Elanna interrupt, so I had to write the story and “Drive” seemed to fit my purpose, so enjoy!

Episode Addition to “Drive”

Kathryn Janeway walked in to the reception area, wearing a beautiful dark red dress and her hair up. Although it was long enough to put up a few strands insisted on falling around her face. Even though Tom and B’Elanna hadn’t won the race, and despite the near disaster with the sabotage people were in good spirits, partying with new friends. Kathryn mingled as she always did, talking to crewmembers she didn’t interact with all that often, and danced with the representatives of the two planets.

When her official duty with the representatives was over she found Chakotay looking at her from the far corner. She approached him slowly, taking in his appearance. He was dressed in a pair of tanned pants and white shirt that enhanced his bronzed coloured skin. Her heart skipped a beat; in her eyes he was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Without a word he took her hand and led her to the dance floor. She stepped willingly into his arms and he held her close. She put her head on his broad chest, enjoying the closeness of her best friend. He rested his chin on her hair and sighed.

-“ Gods, I love you”. Kathryn stopped moving and looked up at him. He looked back.

-“What’s wrong, Kathryn”?

-“You love me??” She saw the panic in his eyes.

-“Did I say that out loud? Oh god I didn’t mean to. I shouldn’t have said anything”. He tried to leave, but Kathryn held his hand tight.

-“Why didn’t you mean to”? She asked puzzled.

-“Because I know that’s not what you want to hear”. He looked at his feet.

“What woman wouldn’t want to hear such a beautiful declaration of love from the man she loves back?” she answered, lifting his chin to look in his eyes. He stared back in shock.

-“You love me, why didn’t you tell me before?” He brushed away the lonely tear of happiness that escaped from her eye.

-“I was afraid you’d moved on, that you didn’t love me anymore”.

-“And I thought you couldn’t love me because of duty and protocols”. She shrugged her shoulders.

-“Well, I guess some of the protocols will have to be rewritten out here, because now that I’ve told you I’m not going to take it back”. She was about to kiss him for the first time when she realized where they were.

-“Maybe we should continue this somewhere a little more private.” He agreed and they slipped out quietly, going to his quarters.

As soon as the door closed behind them Kathryn moved in for the kiss that had been on its way for six year. It was slow and lingering, but soon changed to more demanding. They backed slowly into the bedroom. They sat on the bed, Chakotay scooting up to make room for her. Kathryn sat on her knees in front of him, unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off him, tossing it to the floor. He reached behind her, unzipping the dress, letting it pool around her waist. She moved her hands very determined to his naked chest, caressing it lovingly, kissing him deeply, then moved to his tattoo, tracing the lines with her tongue.

-“Aren’t we moving a little fast, kathry?” Chakotay asked, nearly breathless. Kathryn stopped what she was doing, only long enough to answer.

-“I’ve dreamt of this for nearly 5 years now, don’t you think that’s long enough? Chakotay could only smile.

She moved to his neck and across his chest and down to his waist, where she unbuttoned his pants skilfully, pulling them off him and taking his boxers with in the same swift movement. As his erection was freed from his pants, hard and throbbing, she stood at the foot end of the bed, letting the dress fall to the floor. She unclasped her bra in a slow movement, letting him look. Then she removed her panties and crawled up on the bed again, her target eagerly awaiting her touch. She gently took his penis in her hand, rubbing him slowly. He hadn’t imagined that she would be so aggressive, although maybe he should have. This was the way she dealt with her command, her life, so why not during lovemaking. He thanked the spirits that she was finally here with him, as he had dreamed so many times. His head fell back on the pillows, his eyes closed in pleasure. She slowly took him into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head. He groaned in pleasure. Her teeth grazed him, tongue flicked and explored him as she suckled him. His fingers twisted in her hair.

-“Kathryn stop, I can’t…” He was panting hard, trying to hold on to some control.

“You’ve waited so long for me, let me do this for you.” She went back to sucking him, her hands spreading out on his stomach. He couldn’t control himself anymore and moved his hips in sync with her. The tightening in his groin grew to its peak and he came hard, crying out her name, clinging to the bed sheets. She moved up his body and lay next to him, wiping her mouth before kissing him.

-“Oh gods Kathryn I never expected… I didn’t… Thank you”’

-“No thank you, for waiting for me all these years”. She licked his left nipple, her own desire burning between her legs, but she was willing to wait for him to calm down. He suddenly realized that she had denied herself to give to him. He began playing with her left nipple, kissing her behind her ear.

-“I believe it’s your turn now. She groaned in anticipation, running her fingers through his hair. And then the chime ran. Chakotay was halfway down Kathryn’s chest. He lifted his head, but did not stop his insisting touch.

-“Who is it?”

-“Chakotay, it’s me B’Elanna, can I talk to you?” B’Elanna’s voice filtered into the room.

-“Whatever it is, can’t it wait till tomorrow?” Kathryn was holding a hand over her mouth, so she wouldn’t make a noise, Chakotay’s hands had reached her aching center and she thrusting her hips up to meet his skillful hand.

-“No actually it can’t. Come on Chakotay, it’s really important”. He sighed and stopped his movements. Kathryn almost screamed in frustration.

-“Give me a minute, I’ll be right there”. He kissed Kathryn.

-“ I am SO sorry, this won’t take long.” He reluctantly got off the bed, put on robe and moved into the living room. Kathryn laid back, her whole body aching for him, and listened.

-“Come in B’Elanna” Chakotay said, sitting on the arm of a chair.

-“Where you asleep, I’m sorry, but I had to tell you this, you are my best friend, and I want your blessing. I know you and Tom haven’t been the best of friends, but I really hope you can be happy for me” Chakotay’s thoughts weren’t really on what she was saying, but her next words got his attention.

-“Tom and I are getting married.” Chakotay stared dumbfounded at her, then smiled and finally hugged her. They both turned at the sudden noise from the bedroom, because there in the doorway was the Captain with only sheet to cover her front.

-“You’re what?!” B’Elanna stared in shock, but regained her senses.

-“We’re getting married. He asked me today and I accepted. We were hoping you would perform the ceremony the day after tomorrow. We were going to ask after I’d talked to Chakotay, but since you’re here….”

-“Oh of course, congratulations, I’d hug you, but I sort of need my hands right now.” Kathryn said sheepishly.

-“No problem, and sorry about the interruption, oh and Captain, the sheet is slipping.” B’Elanna grinned as she backed out of Chakotay’s quarters. Kathryn looked mortified at the closing door, then at Chakotay.

-“Don’t cover up on my account, I like you like this.” Kathryn regained her mental balance and turned, walking back to the bed, her naked backside all exposed.

-“I believe you left some unfinished business in here, Chak”. She lay on the bed looking back at him. He had dropped his robe on the floor. He had a ferocious look in his eye and he hardened again before her eyes. He pounced on her so quickly that she hadn’t time to prepare. He sucked on her sensitive clitoris hot and fast. She cried out in pleasure as he lapped at her wetness. She came suddenly and very hard, screaming his name, her back arching off the bed. He held on to her hips, sucking and licking as the aftershocks of her orgasm became foreshocks, and she was writhing under his skilful mouth as a second powerful orgasm rolled through her body, her hands crumbling the bed sheets as she cried out her pleasure again. When he laid beside her she was out of breath but not out of form. She rolled him on his back with a force he didn’t know she had. She straddled him and looked at him with a look of love mixed with determination.

-“I want you inside me now, Mr.” She reached behind her and rubbed his unbearably hard penis.

-“Yes Ma’am”. He took hold of her hips and let her slide onto his hard shaft. She threw her head back and groaned in pleasure. She didn’t move for moment, letting her body adjust to his size. She put her hands on his chest for support and began to move, finding a rhythm and he matched it. He found the spot where they were joined and rubbed her. He started an immediate chain reaction. Kathryn shook above him, her inner muscles contracting, milking him and in a last thrust up he spilled his seed into her. She collapsed on him and he pulled her around to lie beside him.

They snuggled enjoying the afterglow and soon Chakotay’s breathing was even, his arms around Kathryn. She lay awake a little longer thinking about this day: The race, Tom and B’Elanna getting married, lying here with Chakotay, finally able to love him the way he deserved. She snuggled closer, kissed his forehead and whispered that she loved him as Voyager glided through space towards the Alpha Quadrant

The End.