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Episode addition to Alter Ego and Coda

During “Alter Ego”:

Watching Tuvok leave, Janeway and Chakotay made their way toward the food table. They were greeted by Neelix’ ever cheerful voice.

-”Captain, Commander, are you enjoying yourselves?”

-”Oh, yes, Neelix, everything is very lovely, you’ve really outdone yourself this time”, Janeway answered with a broad smile.

-”Thank you, Captain, and may I say that you look especially beautiful this evening”, Neelix said with a twinkle in his eye, before he rushed on to check on something else. Janeway blushed at his statement, and Chakotay grinned at her. She knew exactly why he grinned and defended herself.

-”It’s not often a man pays me such a compliment out here!”

Grinning still he turned to the food and decided that in a moment he would make her blush without saying a word. He scanned the table and found a bowl with large juicy grapes. He picked one up and turned to face Janeway, waving the fruit in front of her lips. Her mouth opened slightly, and as he pushed the fruit inside, his thumb brushed her lips when the fruit slipped inside in a way that assured her that it wasn’t a coincidence. Exactly as he had predicted she blushed instantly.

-”I guess not many men do that to you either, Captain”, he said with a smile. Recovering quickly, she shot back.

-”You just caught me off guard there for a moment...” she hesitated for a few seconds and then added, “...and from now on, Chakotay, when we’re off duty my name is Kathryn.”

-”OK ...Kathryn”, he said as their eyes met, and their gaze held for a long moment.

Then Neelix’s voice penetrated the plaza, announcing the hula dance. People lined up to watch and a lot of the women were dragged to the middle of the plaza to participate. Kes was following the moves nicely, grinning along with B’Elanna. Then they moved toward Janeway, grabbed her hands and pulled to the dance floor. She was more than a little embarrassed being displayed like that in front of the crew, but soon she caught the moves. Chakotay watched her hips swaying and heard her laugh. The plaza suddenly seemed very crowded and noisy, and he felt a sudden urge to be alone with her. They hadn’t really been alone, where they didn’t talk about work, since they had left New Earth several months ago, and he missed it. The dance finished and she rejoined with him. He noticed how warm she’d become from the dance.

-”Do you want to take a walk by the lake side, it’s cooler down there?” he asked carefully. A smile lit her features as she answered,

-”Sure”, and her arm went under his and rested there. He dipped his hand into the bowl and brought a grape with him, as they walked toward the steps that led to the waterfront. He lifted the fruit toward her again, but she caught his wrist.

-”Oh no you don’t”, she said with a smile. She stopped and took the berry from him and led it to his mouth instead. As she pushed the fruit between his lips they caught her index finger and tightened around it as she slowly withdrew her hand. Laughing they walked down the steps. On the last step she paused and removed her shoes. Chakotay followed suit, and they stepped onto the sand on the ground. The music and talk from the plaza were very faint down here and the only sounds surrounding them were the chirping of the cicadas. Kathryn felt very safe and thoughts of protocol and ship’s business were so far away that she let her head lean against his arm. A sudden rush of affection came over him, and he longed to hold her in his arms. An idea sprang to mind, and he stopped to address the computer.

-”Computer, play some soft music one can dance to, but no hula this time” He then looked at Kathryn, who nodded approvingly, stepping in to his waiting arms. His one hand circled her waist, the other took hers and her other hand came up to rest on his shoulder. They moved slowly to the flow of music, and the more comfortable they became, the closer they came together, until Kathryn’s head finally rested on Chakotay’s chest, their arms wrapped around each other.

-I can’t remember when I last did something like this”, she said, inhaling discreetly, but deeply in an attempt to remember his scent. He smiled as his hands moved up her back and made contact with her ponytail.

-”Kathryn?” Her eyes were closed and she answered him with a silent “hmm?”

-”Can I loosen your hair?” She looked up at him, a question on her face.

-”I’ve...missed seeing it loose”, he admitted. She complied with a smile and began to pull out the pins, and she fastened them on the belt on her dress instead, as the soft auburn waves fell over her shoulders. He let his fingers run carefully through it, as she stepped back in to his embrace, and her perfume reached his nose.

They didn’t know how long they stayed there in each other’s arms talking softly and moving to the music, but suddenly Kathryn noticed that the distant noise from the plaza had dissipated. Reluctantly she pulled back a bit.

-”I think the party’s over”, she said. Chakotay raised his head and looked toward the plaza.

-”I think you’re right. Maybe we should make our way back”. They walked toward the steps, her arm around his waist, his arm around her shoulders. They put their shoes back on and continued up the steps to the plaza, which was practically empty. A couple in the far corner broke the kiss they shared, got up, arms wrapped tightly around each other, and headed out the door, Neelix and Kes followed suit. Tuvok was talking to a holodeck character, while they looked at the lake. Kathryn and Chakotay decided not to disturb him, happy that he seemed to relax, if only a little bit, and headed out the door.

They stopped in front of Kathryn’s quarters, and both hesitated, not quite sure how to proceed. Kathryn broke the silence.

-”Well, good night, Chakotay. Thank you for a wonderful evening.” He stood for a moment, debating with himself, but then he took her face gently in his hands and put his mouth on hers. His lips were warm and soft as they pressed gently against hers. He then broke the kiss, his hands sliding over her bare shoulders and down her arms to grasp her hands.

-”Good night, Kathryn”, he whispered, stretching out her arms, before letting go. He walked quickly down the corridor and disappeared inside his quarters. Kathryn stood there for a moment, touching her lips, still feeling the sensation of that very gentle kiss, and then went inside her own quarters.

She undressed quickly, slipping into her pink silky nightgown and then walked in to the living room to look out the window at the spectacular and beautiful inversion nebular just outside, feeling pleasantly sleepy. She slipped under the covers, and with a smile on her lips, she thought of big juicy grapes and sand between her toes, before she fell asleep, feeling very safe and happy.

End of Part 1

At the end of “Coda”

Janeway was reading a padd and sipping coffee, when the door to her Ready Room chimed.

-”Come in”, she said without looking up. Chakotay walked in, his hands behind his back.

-”I could have sworn I heard the Doctor tell you to take it easy for a few days”, he commented.

-”Taking it easy usually makes me feel worse”, she said, still looking at the padd.

-”You shouldn’t push yourself, you’ve been through a lot”, he said as he brought his hand from behind his back, holding a beautiful pink and yellow rose.

-”Aaww”, she exclaimed, putting the padd down to accept the rose. Her smile faded a bit.

-”To tell you the truth, I’d rather stay busy than dwell on what happened.”

-”I can understand that”, he said with a smile. ”I can’t help thinking about it, that alien, his matrix. He was like the spider that has to lure a fly into his web.” Janeway got up and crossed the room toward the coffee table.

-”Do you think it’s possible that each of the near-death experiences we’ve heard about are actually the result of an alien inhabitation”, she said, picking up the coffee pot on the table.

-”That’s a little hard to believe”, Chakotay noted.

-”I hope so”, she said with a serious face. “I’d prefer to think his species is unique to the Delta Quadrant and that I’ve seen the last of him.”

-”I’m sure that’s the case. After going head to head with Kathryn Janeway he must have realized he’d met his match”, Chakotay said with a grin.

-”Come on, Chakotay”, she said with a sudden enthusiasm, a broad smile crossing her features, while she put the coffee pot and cup on the table, “I cheated death! That’s worth a celebration, don’t you think? A bottle of champagne, a moonlight sail on Lake George, how does that sound?”

-”Like something worth living for”, he said, grinning at her. She laughed and put her hand on his shoulder, as they approached the door. He gestured for her to go first, and she returned the gesture, leading him in front of her, smiling broadly. Halfway across the Bridge she stopped and turned around.

-”Wait a minute, I forgot something”, she said, running back to the Ready Room and emerging again with the rose. They entered the Turbo lift and decided to meet on the Holodeck in half an hour. Chakotay offered to create the program, and all Janeway had to do was show up.

Kathryn stepped out of the sonic shower, feeling deliciously clean and moved to go through her wardrobe. Nothing seemed quite right until she came to the back of the closet. She had almost forgotten about this dress, made of silky, shiny fabric, in a deep purple color. It had no sleeves, only straps, and reached to the middle of her legs. She put on a sweet smelling perfume and slipped into the dress. She walked to the mirror and started to put her hair up, when she remembered what Chakotay had said a few weeks ago at Neelix’ Luau, how he’d missed seeing her hair down, so she combed her brush through it and let it fall naturally. Satisfied with her looks she proceeded to the Holodeck, stopping a moment to smell the rose that now rested in a tall blue glass vase on her desk.

The sight that awaited her was breathtaking. Before her lay Lake George bathed in moon- light, surrounded all the way around by deep, dark woods, where fireflies danced merrily. Torches led down to the small gangway that led into the water, where Chakotay waited. As she approached him, his breath got caught in his throat at her beauty. The fire from the torches reflected off her hair and the moonlight made her dress shine. By the time she reached him, he hadn’t regained his voice, so he merely stepped aside a bit, so she could see the boat. It looked exactly like the one he was going to build on New Earth, if they hadn’t been rescued. It was filled with pillows and blankets, and up in front was a small wooden board where numerous candles were standing in stearin, and next to them stood a bottle of champagne, two glasses and a bowl with small chocolates. Chakotay glanced at Kathryn’s face to get a reaction and saw a tear streak down her cheek. He reached up his hand and brushed it away gently, and then she looked up at him, her face full of joy.

-”This is so beautiful, Chakotay “, she whispered.

-”I’m glad”, he smiled and took her hand to help her into the boat. He got on board himself and pushed off from the gangway, and they slowly floated out onto the lake. He maneuvered the boat with the oars skilfully and brought the boat to a halt when they reached the middle of the lake. Chakotay popped the champagne cork and poured two glasses. They made a toast and Chakotay brought a piece of chocolate to her lips and felt a sudden sense of deja vu.

-”Didn’t we do something like this a few weeks ago on this very same Holodeck?” he said.

-”I believe we did”, she answered, while picking up another piece of chocolate. “I also believe we did this”. She pushed the candy into his mouth and let him suck on her finger. He smiled and moved beside her.

-”And we did this.” He put his arms around her, and they lay back in the pillows, looking at the stars.

They lay like that talking about the ship and the people on it, Kathryn told stories about her father and Chakotay finally got Kathryn to talk about her near-death experience. Although they had planned a celebration, he got her to face up to her feelings about the whole thing and she let herself cry out on his shoulder, telling him how her father had died along with her fiancé, and how she was powerless to do anything about it. Afterwards they just lay comfortably, enjoying the closeness of the other, until the computer informed them someone else had a reservation on the Holodeck. They ended the program and a merry group of people came in, intent on creating a program where every one could join the party. Kathryn and Chakotay, however, didn’t feel like being around a lot of people this particular evening so they thanked Paris and Kim for the invitation, made their way out into the corridor and walked slowly toward the living decks.

End of part 2

They stopped in front of Kathryn’s quarters and both fell silent. She didn’t want him to leave, but couldn’t find a good excuse. He also didn’t want to end the evening yet, but was afraid that anything he would say would sound like he was propositioning his captain. He turned to leave, but she stopped him very quickly, deciding to tell him the truth.

-”Please, Chakotay, don’t leave. I don’t feel like being alone just yet”, she pleaded and he followed her inside her quarters. She gestured toward the couch and he sat down.

-”How about some hot chocolate”, she asked. He nodded and she replicated two cups, and sat down next to him. His one arm rested on the back of the couch and after spending most of the evening in his arms already it seemed the most natural thing in the world for her to snuggle up against him. He put the arm around her and they sat there in comfortable silence. Kathryn could hear his heart beating and got distracted by it. She raised a hand and covered his heart, feeling it beat quicker under her hand. She moved her fingers over his chest, tracing invisible patterns and his hand began the same movements on her back. Her hands grew bolder and moved to his face, tracing the tattoo. His hands travelled up her back to tangle in her long hair and suddenly their faces were mere millimeters from each other. She leaned in first and touched her lips to his gently and withdrawing again. She looked up at his face and saw his eyes closed in pleasure, so she kissed him again, this time a little more forceful, trying to make him respond. Her tongue snaked out and touched his lips, and this broke his trance. He responded by pulling her across his lap to a more comfortable position, as he tasted her tongue in his mouth. Knowing very well that it might frighten her away he spoke the words that he could no longer hold within.

-”Gods, I love you, Kathryn” She didn’t break away like he thought, no she snuggled closer whispering back in his ear.

-”I know.....I love you too.” The words he had longed to hear for so long it seemed a lifetime, but now they were here together. He hugged her close, like he was afraid she would disappear if he didn’t. Hugging was no longer enough and Kathryn’s hands began to wander again. The closures on his shirt quickly relented under her fingers and her small hands caressed his broad chest. His fingers were tangled in her long auburn hair, but when he felt her hands on his skin they quickly found her thighs, lifting the dress until he could reach her bottom. He caressed her through her panties that were wet with desire.

-”Are you very attached to these”, he asked with mischief in his eyes. When she shook her head, he gave them one forceful tuck, and they fell away from her body. He started to get up with her, intending to carry her to the bedroom, but she stopped him.

-”We’ll never make it all the way in there”, she whispered, smiling, and her small hands freed his erection from his pants, while he pulled himself up to slide the pants off his legs, and kicked them away. She stared into his eyes.

-”You’re not going anywhere, Mister” She kissed him with all the longing she had kept at bay for so long. He lifted her in position over him and she sank ever so slowly onto him. She threw her head back and groaned. While she sat there letting herself adjust, Chakotay pulled her dress over her head and threw it on the floor. Her nipples tightened from the drop in temperature, but more so from the pleasure. She began to move on top of him.

-”God, you feel so good, it’s been so long”, she whispered, more to herself than him, but he answered anyway.

-”I know, me too”. His lips closed around her left nipple, which so obviously craved his attention. Her hands grabbed his head, holding him close, her fingers tangling in his short hair, increasing the rhythm of their movements. Chakotay groaned in pleasure, his hold on control was quickly slipping, his release approaching fast. He moved his hand to the point where they were joined, determined to bring her to the brink with him. As soon as his hand touched her sensitive skin her mind went supernova, every part of her being was tingling with desire and love for this man. She screamed in pleasure as she came above him, his voice joining hers only seconds later. Her head fell to his shoulder, breathing hard, while he was still kissing her neck and shoulders.

-“Maybe we should move to the bed now”, he suggested.

-“No, I don’t want to move, I feel too good where I am”, she sighed, her voice muffled by his neck.

-“Well, then you don’t have to”, he said as he tightened his grip on her and lifted her. She wound her legs tighter around his hips, and the friction as he walked aroused him again. She felt the amazing sensation of him hardening inside her and sighed in pleasure. It was going to be a long, but incredible night.

Outside the stars streaked by at warp and, at least for this moment, everything was right in the Delta Quadrant.

The End.