Title: A Girl’s Best Friend
Author: leetah47
Rating: MA – smut!!
Pairing: Clarisse…
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters.
The Princess Diaries and its characters are the property of Meg Cabot and Disney.
Summary: Clarisse was frustrated….
In answer to juliefan4eva’ challenge
No beta, so all mistakes are mine.


Clarisse was frustrated, and it was all Joseph’s fault. Ever since they had travelled to San Francisco to tell Amelia who she really was, the atmosphere between them had been charged with…..she was weary of naming what is was, but something was changing and Clarisse wasn’t sure what to do about it. Most days she was fine with it, but not tonight.

They had spent most of the day planning security for Amelia’s first state visit to Genovia and several other security issues that had taken a backseat to their America trip. It had started as any other working day, but Joseph kept leaning over her to reach for papers and she kept picking up his scent. Every time he passed her something his fingers brushed hers and his voice caressed her senses, sending jolts of pleasure to her center. By the time the meeting was over, Clarisse was strung very high, and of course Joseph had insisted on escorting her back to her suite, his hand ever present on the small of her back.

She had closed the suite doors and simply leaned against them, breathing hard and with an insistent throbbing and heavy, wet feeling in her abdomen.

She was pacing her suite now. ‘Damn him, anyways’ she thought, for making her feel this way. She tried to remember the last time she’d had sex and she really couldn’t. Before Rupert had become ill they’d had a satisfying sex life, but his illness had put a stop to it long before he passed away. She had turned to self pleasure, but only when the need became too great. She would make herself climax in the shower, quickly and quietly and she never let Rupert know, afraid of hurting his feelings.

Then he had passed away, leaving her in grief and with a country to take care of. Often she merely collapsed in bed at night, her body only craving sleep. She had been looking forward to Philippe taking over, so she could finally put her responsibilities to rest, but then the horrible accident happened that took another member of her family from her.

But now things were better. Her grief was with her, but not overshadowing her life. Amelia had accepted her role and Joseph had been a constant support she could not have done without.

Which was probably why her body was reawakening now. And it was maddening not having anyone here to do something about it; having Joseph there. Her rational mind was well aware that she couldn’t simply start something with him and even if she could and he was willing, it would be much too soon. But her body was not listening. She wanted to be filled, to be taken fast and hard, to come apart in pleasure and have this frustrating feeling go away.

She moaned low in her throat and let a hand pass over her breast. Then she stopped. She did have something that could help. She moved with purpose to her underwear drawer, where way in the back, she found a cardboard box, about 22 centimetres in length and pulled it out. Inside the box was a glass-like phallic shaped object.

Clarisse studied it in the light and smiled at the memory of how she’d gotten it. It had been at Charlotte’s 30th birthday party. Her friends had planned a great girls-only party for her and even though her friends had played on the fact that she was single at 30, she had taken it in great strides. But that was also the reason for the party gifts all the guests had received. Clarisse had unpacked hers with great curiosity, but had merely been confused by the glass object. First she had thought it was a decoration piece; it caught the light beautifully, but then she thought it could be the stopper for a wine carafe, but it was too long. Finally one of Charlotte’s friends had found the courage to whisper in her ear what it really was. Clarisse had blushed and quickly put it back in the box, thanking the giver none the less. When she got back to the palace she had put it in the back of the drawer and had never taken it out again. Until tonight.

She moved the object between her hands, observing it critically. Yes, this one would do nicely. She placed it on the bed as she started to undress. Now that she knew she had an outlet for her frustration, she calmed down a bit, and took the time to put her clothes away.

She stopped in front of her full length mirror and took a moment to look at herself. She ran her fingers through her short hair. It still looked great, and the color she used made sure it didn’t look grey, but not unnaturally so. Her hands skimmed past her neck, over her shoulders and around to cup her breasts. Her age was showing a little here, but they still looked and felt great. She massaged them gently, rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger, feeling the resulting tingle settle in her abdomen. She moved down to her stomach, feeling the roundness that time had left there. It didn’t bother her much; she could hide it with her clothes.

She glanced at her legs, strong and shapely after all those years in heels. She imagined them wrapping around Joseph as he would thrust into her. The thought made her concentrate on the last part of her body. Her fingers brushed through the auburn curls and she let a finger slip lower to gently circle her clitoris. It felt so good and she moaned into the empty suite. Her legs began to sway and she decided to move to the bed.

She crawled to the middle of the bed, propping herself up on pillows, moving one pillow to rest under her left knee, the other falling to the side, opening herself up to her questing fingers.

One hand moved to caress her breast, the other returned to gently circling her sensitive clit, building the tension. Her fingers dipped deeper to gather moisture from the generous amount that pooled at her entrance, and then bringing it back up to continue the torture. With her eyes closed she sighed at the feeling, wishing the fingers were male; strong and confident in their endeavour. She brought herself right to the brink and then eased off; postponing the moment her body would shatter in pleasure.

Her other hand left her breast and grabbed the glass object by her side. She slid it along the length of her sex, teasing herself, and then positioned it at her center, her whole body anticipating the penetration. She slowly pushed it just inside, getting the feel of the dildo. She gently began to move it further in then out again, the sensation sending shivers down her spine. This was just what she needed and she couldn’t help but voice her pleasure in small moans and sighs.

She moved the device faster mimicking the motions she imagined Joseph would make. Her mind’s eye filled with images of Joseph, over her, maybe even under her, making love to her with abandon, his eyes boring into hers, filled with lust and desire only for her. She moaned louder, her free hand moving to resume caressing her throbbing clit, the dildo now moving at a fast pace in and out of her slick heat, making a wet sound that filled her bedroom.

Her climax was not far off and she stepped up the pace, arching her back into her own hands, her sounds of pleasure rising with the tide of desire. And then she was there, tumbling over the edge. She came harder than she had for so long and her inner walls gripped the phallus hard. She gasped out Joseph’s name and it seemed to spark an extra bit of energy in her. She didn’t slow her movements; just kept going until her body responded yet again, bathing her in pleasure. “Joseph, oh Joseph.” She cried out her imagined lover’s name again as she collapsed back on the bed, her breathing labored. But a smile grazed her features as her body relaxed in the afterglow. Little aftershocks were still gripping the dildo inside her and she withdrew it slowly, already missing the fullness. She reluctantly rose from the bed and went to the bathroom and rinsed off the dildo, before putting it back in it’s box and replacing the box in the underwear drawer. She was sure she would use it again.

She pulled on a night gown and slipped beneath the covers of her bed, a relaxed and sated feeling in her whole body. She hugged her pillow and for the first time in many nights slept truly well.

The End