Title: The Massage

Author: leetah47

Rating: MA – pear!

Disclaimer: we don't own any of these characters. The Princess Diaries and its characters are the property of Meg Cabot and Disney.

Summary: When Clarisse’s masseuse falls ill, Joseph decides to step in and help.

It was late afternoon in the beautiful country of Genovia. At the royal palace, everyone was going about their normal, everyday routines. The cook was preparing a delicious meal, the gardeners were tending the grounds and the Queen had finished her paperwork and was preparing for her weekly massage.

In the living room of the Queen’s suite, however, her masseuse, Angelique, was being helped to the couch by Charlotte. She sat down carefully, her eyes tightly shut against the pain. Charlotte brought her a glass of water, but Angelique’s hands were trembling so much that she couldn’t hold the glass.

“Perhaps we should cancel Her Majesty’s massage?” Charlotte said, her voice filled with concern for the other woman.

“But everything is set up and Her Majesty is getting ready…” Just speaking seemed to cause Angelique pain.

Joseph sat down next to her, putting a hand on her shoulder. “Angelique, you can’t give massages with a migraine. Her Majesty will understand. Charlotte will reschedule for you and one of my men will take you home. We will get your car and equipment back to you later today.”

Angelique tried to protest, but she knew she needed to go home and lie down in a dark room. “But the Queen...”

Joseph stopped her protest. “The Queen will be fine. I will take care of it and Charlotte will call you tomorrow and schedule a new appointment. Please go home and get better.”

Angelique finally acquiesced and Charlotte helped to escort her to the car. “Charlotte, I’ll handle things here. Maybe if Her Majesty rests for a few hours, her back will feel better.” Charlotte nodded and closed the door behind her.

Joseph faced the closed bedroom door. He knew Clarisse was behind it, lying on the massage table and waiting. He knew she was wearing nothing but a towel draped over her lower body. He also knew that he had to go in there and advise her that Angelique had needed to go home. He breathed in deeply, hoping to be able to resist his body’s responses.

Controlling those impulses was getting harder and harder; during long meetings, his mind and more importantly his eyes, would wander to try to catch a glimpse of her long legs and graceful neck often well hidden behind those cumbersome suits and sweaters. This would be an entirely different matter, though: With only a small towel covering her, the expanse of skin he was about to feast on would put his control to the ultimate test. He braced himself, took a deep breath and opened the door.


Late afternoon sunlight and a soft breeze filtered through a set of sheer curtains and provided a relaxing ambiance to the area. In the middle of the room was the massage table. Joseph took a moment to take in the sight before him: Clarisse was lying on her stomach, a towel draped across her upper thighs and most of her bottom, but not covering it entirely; a fact which he was not certain if he was happy or worried about. Her head was resting on a small soft pillow and her hands were resting at the edge of the table. Joseph closed his eyes, willing his heart rate to slow.

Her voice broke through his observations. “Oh good, Angelique, I was wondering what kept you. You know I’m not one to complain; but my lower back is really hurting today.”

Joseph remained by the door not sure what to do. Clarisse never complained; and if she was willing to admit that she hurt, it must be bad. She really needed the massage. The decision made, he approached her slowly, debating the entire time how wise this course of action would prove. He knew, though, that he wanted nothing more than to alleviate her discomfort.

He bent down next to her and placed a warm hand on her shoulder while speaking softly. “It is not Angelique, it is Joseph. Angelique developed a sudden migraine and we sent her home to rest.”

Clarisse started slightly, but didn’t get up. Her softly breathed ‘oh’ sounded so disappointed that it convinced him that she must be in a lot of pain. He slid his hand around her shoulder, pressing in slightly. “I can help if you wish, Your Majesty. I have been trained in the art of massage.”

She hesitated and raised her head from the pillow to look at him. She saw only sincerity reflected in his eyes and had to admit to herself that the discomfort from her back was leaving her in sheer agony. She nodded her head to indicate her approval to proceed and then lowered her head to rest on the pillow once again.

She had sensed him even before he had spoken and every nerve in her body had become instantly alert. She was quite aware that she was naked under what seemed now to be an entirely too small towel. While she felt bad for Angelique, Joseph’s warm hand moving gently on her back erased thoughts of anything but the feel of his touch. One simple touch had caused her focus to shift and weakened any resistance she might have otherwise mustered. His offer was irresistible and she lifted her head to look at him, not wanting to seem too eager; but, oh how she wanted to feel his hands touching her - massaging her.

“So where do you need me the most?” Joseph asked then groaned internally when he realized how that sounded. He quickly recovered by pressing his thumbs into various areas of her back. When he reached the area around the muscles in her lower back, she couldn’t hold back a hiss of pain.

“Your muscles are like stone, Clarisse.” He was surprised by the hardness his fingers encountered. He was quite impressed that she didn’t complain more about her back. It had to be very painful for her. He eased up on the pressure, not wanting to hurt her further.

“I sit too long at my desk, and when I finally get up to walk, I wear heels.” She stated, her voice muffled slightly by the pillow. “This weekly massage keeps the pain at bay. Angelique gives me exercises as well. It’s just been a long week.” She explained.

Joseph answered with an ‘mhm’ and clinically judged how to proceed. "I think I will start with your shoulders and work my way down.” He offered. “Unless there is another way Angelique usually proceeds?”

“No. No that would be fine.” Clarisse agreed.

“Please tell me if I’m pressing too hard; I don’t wish to make the pain any worse.” Clarisse smiled slightly at his concern, the feeling warming her.

“A lot of pressure is usually a good thing; but I will let you know.” She assured him as she felt his warm hands spread the massage oil on her back before starting at her shoulders.

Joseph remained very concentrated on his task, trying hard not to dwell on what he was doing and whose smooth and fragrant skin he was caressing…no massaging!.... he corrected himself, closing his eyes briefly against the small tremor of pleasure he couldn’t subdue.

He did allow himself permission to observe her face as it lay on the pillow. Her eyes were closed and she looked relaxed and perhaps even a bit unguarded. He knew her face very well, but he rarely got the opportunity to really look. She truly was the most beautiful woman he knew.

Clarisse concentrated hard on controlling her breathing. ‘It’s just a massage, he’s just being helpful’ she kept saying to herself, but she was not being completely successful and her skin seemed to tingle everywhere he touched her. She kept her eyes closed and tried focusing on the movements and not the person performing them.

As Joseph got absorbed in the task, he didn’t realise how far his fingers strayed down her side until he encountered the soft curve of her breast. He hesitated for the briefest moment before moving his hand away, offering a soft spoken apology, trying hard to ignore the tightening in his lower body.

Clarisse felt the light touch on the side of her breast and her body responded at once, making her nipples tighten and a tingle to shoot straight to her abdomen. She heard his soft spoken apology and acknowledged it with a slight nod. She tried to get her breathing back under control, reciting the line of kings of Genovia in her head, desperately needing the distraction

Joseph worked on her shoulders and neck until he felt some of the tension melt away. He then moved lower, pressing into the long muscles running from below her shoulder blade to her lower back. Feeling the hard knots, he saw the tightening in her face as he hit the right spots. He worked on one side for a while then moved to the other side of the table and repeated his actions. When he was satisfied that he had alleviated most of her discomfort there, he moved to the head of the table to apply long strokes along her spine.

Clarisse tried to relax as the heels on his hands glided along her spine from her neck to her bottom several times. As good as it felt on her sore muscles, it was very hard for her to not think about how close her head suddenly was to the lower half of his body. She let out a groan that she hoped he would mistake for the relief he was providing and not the wayward path her thoughts had taken her.

He moved alongside the table to start working more extensively on her lower back. His hands kneaded her sacrum bone from the top and downward, his fingers brushing the upper curve of her bottom just under the edge of the towel.

Clarisse couldn’t hold back the sharp hiss of pain. This part of her back was the worst and the relief Joseph was providing was very welcome, albeit painful. As good as Angelique was at her job, she simply didn’t have the same amount of strength as Joseph.

As the pain slowly started to ease, Clarisse became acutely aware of his warm fingers as they swept across her bottom. She knew it wasn’t deliberate, but her heart rate responded by increasing. Her hands, which had been resting at the top of the table, gripped the edge now in an effort to lie still. What she really wanted to do was angle her body to make his touch firmer and more deliberate. She bit her lip to avoid any sound from escaping as his hands once again slipped under the towel.

Every amorous thought and dream she had ever had about Joseph did not compare to the real feeling of his closeness and Clarisse felt more aroused now than she had ever before. The pain in her lower back had efficiently been pushed to the back of her mind in favour of a very persistent throbbing in her abdomen and the plea slipped almost unbidden from her lips in nothing more than a small whisper. "Please Joseph.”

He leaned in and whispered into her ear. “Please what, Clarisse?”

She shivered; his breath was warm against her skin and his hands never stopped their movements. She was too far gone to worry about propriety and decided to just simply express her wish. “Please touch me.”

Her words sent a small jolt of pleasure through him. He smiled and decided it was best not to point out that that was exactly what he had been doing for the last thirty minutes. Instead he leaned in again and whispered, “Are you sure?”

He observed a small nod of her head against the pillow; her message and approval was clear. Her words and body language assured him. His hands made the subtle change from massaging to caressing. The smoothness of her skin was further enhanced by the fragrant massage oil. Joseph used the oil to his advantage as he slipped closer to the edge of the towel, pushing it down as his warm hands skimmed over her now fully exposed bottom.

She couldn’t hold back her sigh of pleasure and relief. She had dreamed of this moment for so long. Any instinct she thought long asleep surfaced and she unconsciously lifted her bottom, seeking that firmer touch she had fantasized about only moments ago. He responded to her unspoken command and moved a hand from her cheek to her inner thigh, his index finger brushing close to her core. He inched nearer, massaging her thigh in small circles until finally his finger made contact with her swollen folds.

She moaned in response and spread her legs to give him greater access. He slid his other hand under her abdomen, lifting her slightly as he lowered his lips to brush over her spine. Her body sought his touch like a plant seeks water. She pushed against his fingers as they found her bundle of nerves.

He allowed himself only the gentlest of touches before moving to delicately trace her outer folds as his lips continued to invade her senses with soft kisses. Her hips moved to guide his touch and her grip on the table tightened as small ripples of pleasure began to course throughout her body. The hand he used to hold her up slid lower to join the other in pleasuring her. He let a finger slide over her clitoris again just as the finger from the other hand slid into her sheath. She gasped out loud as she began to move in rhythm with Joseph’s ministrations. His small gentle circles on her pearl pushed her faster to the edge than anything she had experienced before, leaving her entirely unprepared for the force of her climax as it claimed her without warning.

She writhed in pleasure and buried her head further into the pillow, trying to mask her loud outcry; her muscles tightening rhythmically around Joseph’s finger as she rode the wave of sensation coursing through her body. He held her steady as he prolonged her release as long as he could. Watching her response to his touch, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride that he was the one responsible for giving his Queen – his Clarisse – such pleasure.

Clarisse struggled to catch her breath gasping as the aftershocks continued to pulse through her body. Joseph’s lips were still caressing her lower back where her pain for the moment was a distant memory. “Thank you - thank you.” She breathed as his hands stroked up her hips to her waist and back again.

Suddenly she felt rather self conscious. She carefully sat up, gathering the bottom sheet to hold to her chest as she slowly turned to face Joseph. She found that she could not face him. Her legs fell over the side and her head remained down, not quite sure what to say now.

Joseph moved to stand in front of her and observed her suddenly shy demeanour. He reached out and raised her chin to make her look at him. Her cheeks were beautifully flushed, whether from embarrassment or excitement, he couldn’t tell. “That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” He said, his husky voice causing her blush to deepen even further. She tried to lower her eyes again, but he wouldn’t let her; his touch became a caress on her cheek as he leaned into her personal space.

She read his intention and closed her eyes in anticipation of their first kiss. The thought that they were going about this backwards entered her mind, but vanished just as quickly when his warm lips finally met hers in a gentle kiss. The hand not holding the sheet to her chest tentatively moved to rest on the back of Joseph’s head as the kiss became firmer - lips tasting, testing, learning.

Joseph moved both of his hands to tangle in her short honey golden hair, holding her close to him. Clarisse sighed against his lips and let her tongue slip out to barely brush his lips. It was enough. He took the invitation and parted his lips slightly to allow her the permission she was tentatively asking for. At the first feel of her smooth tongue against his, he felt a notch of control slip away. His fingers threaded even deeper into her scalp as a small sound of pleasure escaped from deep within his soul.

Clarisse tightened her grip on his head and unconsciously she let the sheet slip from her grasp as she needed her other hand to cradle him closer. She gave herself over to the kiss and slowly spread her legs. Joseph moved swiftly into the space she provided.

He let his hand slip down her bare back to her waist and up again. On the return trip he brushed the curve of her bare breast, but this time it was very deliberate. He felt Clarisse’s response as she pressed closer to his hand, encouraging him to go further. As much as he needed to touch her, he needed to see her twice as much. He eased out of the kiss, struggling for breath as he first stared into her ocean blue eyes, before letting his gaze slip lower.

She was his vision of perfect. Her hair tousled and lips swollen from his kisses. Her breath was coming quickly and it drew his attention to her breasts, begging for his touch, her nipples hard. His gaze moved lower to the sheet pooled in her lap, concealing from his eyes what he already knew by touch.

When his eyes finally returned to her face, her cheeks had resumed their pink hue and her eyes, once again, were averted. He moved closer to her again, aligning his mouth with her ear and whispered. “You are the most beautiful woman in all creation.”

She would have protested if not for his lips moving to a particular sensitive spot on her neck turning her protest into a moan. His hand finally moved to cup her full breast and his thumb slid over her hard nipple, teasing it to harden further. Clarisse was quickly abandoning all reservations as she let her hands roam across his still clothed back, her lips attacking what skin she could reach on his neck.” Make love with me, Joseph, please…”

She tugged at his black shirt, unable to unbutton it, her hands shaking. “Please take this off… I need to touch you.” She pleaded. Joseph skipped the buttons and pulled the shirt over his head, letting it fall carelessly to the floor. Clarisse feasted her eyes on his naked chest and reached out to lightly run her hands over his skin. She leaned in and placed an open mouthed kiss above his heart, feeling it pounding under her caress. Her hand moved to his back and skimmed lower, caressing over his bottom. She looked up to meet his eyes. “These need to go too,” she said, indicating his pants.

There was a hint of an order in her words and Joseph was more than happy to obey. His belt went the way of his shirt and he toed off his shoes and socks before lowering the zipper and slipping the pants over his hips to pool on the floor. Clarisse could clearly see his desire for her pressing against his tight-fitting boxers and it sent fire through her body pooling at her core.

He didn’t remove the last barrier, but waited until her eyes met his. All her hesitation and shyness was gone and her eyes were dark with desire. “Please…let me see all of you.” She asked, her rapid breathing drawing his attention again to her breasts.

His breathing increased in rhythm matching hers. He obliged her and slid his boxers off in a fluid motion. Clarisse inhaled at the sight of him in his entirety. He was magnificent and she told him so. He merely smiled at her and reached for the edge of the sheet still covering her lower half. “Turnabout is fair play.” He said, his voice deep as he slowly began to pull at the sheet. Even though he had already touched her intimately here, she had a moment of apprehension as her last physical shield was removed. She closed her eyes as the sheet slipped to the floor. With it slipped the last of her mental barriers and when her eyes met his once again all traces of the Queen were gone, leaving only Clarisse and Joseph, woman and man, in the room.

She reached out to place her hands on his broad chest, stroking slowly down over his stomach, before returning and circling her fingertips over his nipples. So many times had she imagined what he would look like under those tight black shirts, but her fantasy hadn’t prepared her for reality; strong muscles covered with surprisingly soft skin. He sighed as she leaned in and placed a kiss over his heart, enjoying again the feeling of it beating strongly beneath her mouth.

Joseph reached up and tangled his fingers in her short hair, holding her close to his skin. She placed more kisses on his chest, her lips closing over a nipple, dragging a low moan from his mouth. Clarisse was getting lost in the scent and taste of him, her hands drawing random patterns on his back. He tugged gently and she raised her head to meet his eyes again. There she saw all the things he couldn’t voice; at least not yet. He stepped impossibly closer to her body, feeling her breasts pillow against his chest, the table aligning their height.

She sensed Joseph’s quick breath and realized that he surely must be at the end of his control. She slipped a hand between them to stroke him slowly. He closed his eyes in response and she touched her cheek next to his as she whispered in his ear. “Joseph…”

He needed no further encouragement and slid his hand from her hip along her thigh to lift her leg and place it on his hip, pulling her closer to the edge of the table. Joseph’s hard length nudged at her entrance. He wasn’t certain he could stop now if she asked; but he had to make certain. “Are you sure?” He whispered.

Her answer came with no hesitation. “Completely.” With that answer, he slid slowly into her moist heat as he fused his lips to hers. She gasped into his mouth, the sensations overwhelming her. Joseph stilled, letting her body adjust to the welcome intrusion, one arm holding her to him while the other stroked along her smooth thigh resting against his hip. Their gazes lowered and Joseph shifted causing a shudder throughout both of their bodies as they watched him slide out and then back into her. Clarisse tipped her head back; the sight of them merged together almost bringing her to climax.

Joseph kissed the length of her neck as he began to move against her, trying to hold back, trying to find a steady rhythm. It seemed surreal to him; one moment he was just helping her and the next he was making love to the only woman who had mattered to him in many years. Her scent and tiny sounds of pleasure surrounding him in the late afternoon sun. His control was slipping and even though he wanted this to last, he knew he was on the edge.

Clarisse pressed her face into his neck breathing deeply, taking in as much of him as she could, holding on to his shoulders, meeting his thrusts as much as her position allowed. An hour ago she had not imagined her fantasies would be realized this afternoon; but here she was, making love to the only man she could imagine ever making love to for the rest of her life. The thought brought a sound of pleasure from her throat as she felt herself approaching release.

Joseph felt her fingers digging further into his shoulders and heard her breathing increase against his neck and then her high pitched and breathless voice exclaimed “Joseph, oh God…OH.” Her muscles tightened rhythmically around his length as she rode out her climax. Joseph held her to him; his thrusts lost their rhythm and with a groan of her name his release pulsed through him to be claimed by her body.

They clung to each other, trying to catch their breaths. Clarisse sighed softly into his shoulder and Joseph felt her muscles quivering. He stroked her back gently. "Are you all right?” He asked, his voice tinted with concern.

She nodded against him as she shivered again. “Aftershock.” He smiled brightly, holding her closer until she relaxed into his embrace. As he attempted to ease away she tightened her arms around him. “Don’t leave.”

“Clarisse, this isn’t good for your back…As much as I would love to stay just like this, my knees can’t take the strain either.”

Clarisse let out a small snort. “We are definitely not young anymore.” She said with a bit of regret in her voice.

Joseph touched her cheek and brought his lips to hers gently. “Age is merely a number. Hang on.” He started to lift her and she wrapped both legs around his waist as he walked them the few steps to her large bed. Holding her with one arm, he pulled the covers back. Trying to maneuvre them onto the bed without separating was difficult and Clarisse let out a very unqueen-like giggle. Finally they were settled in the middle of the bed, snuggling close, softly kissing and enjoying just being together.

Clarisse leaned back a bit to catch his eyes. "Thank you for this afternoon, Joseph. The massage and….well…” She smiled shyly.

“At your service Ma’am.” He grinned back.

“I still wish to employ Angelique, but perhaps you would be willing to help again sometime? You certainly have more strength in your touch than she does.” Clarisse looked uncertain about her request.

Joseph leaned in and kissed her again. “Of course I will; you just let me know.” Now it was his turn to look unsure. “And the rest…will you need ‘help’ with that again too?”

“Oh yes, as much help as possible.” She smiled.

Words that could not be said yet were hanging in the air and remained unspoken in their eyes as they looked at each other. They settled back into the pillows, safe in each other’s embrace. The words would come later, when the time was right. For now it was enough.

With the breeze and sun still filtering through the sheer curtains, the new lovers fell asleep in each others arms.

The end