Addition to “Counterpoint”

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Note: I have violated all JC in this story I hope you forgive me. If you hate the idea of Janeway and someone other than Chakotay don’t read this. Otherwise Enjoy.


Rating: NC-17

Part 1

Captain Kathryn Janeway and Inspector Kashyk of the Devore Imperium were walking down a corridor on Voyager, talking excitedly about their breakthrough in finding the wormhole. Two guards were following behind. They reached the door to Kashyk’s quarters, and both stopped, not knowing what to say or do. Kathryn spoke first.

-”Well, goodnight.” She turned to leave when his voice stopped her.

-”Captain, why don’t you…join me. I’ve been looking forward to trying your replicator. Well I’m sure that I could come up with something to toast the evening, we’ve accompliced quite a bit today”, Kashyk rambled on, like a schoolboy asking a girl out for the first time.

”-I’m afraid that won’t be possible, I had your replicator taken off line,” Kathryn said apologetically.

”-In case I’d decide to replicate a weapon”, he said with understanding.

-”A safety precaution, you understand.”

-”Better than anyone”.

-”Sleep well”, she said with a mildly sad expression on her face.

-”And you”, he answered with much the same expression.

The door closed and Kathryn stood still for a moment before remembering the guard.

-”As you were”, she said to him and he relaxed his stance, sneaking a look after her as she moved down the corridor.

Kathryn walked slowly. She didn’t really want to leave Kashyk, but she couldn’t come in, not with the guard there to spread the rumour all over Voyager by morning. Of course the rumour would be spread whether she went in or not. They might as well have kissed in the doorway, they were so obvious. And what was she afraid of, a short fling with an alien and she would be considered easy?? Not really, enough of her crew had casual flings during this trip, so why shouldn’t she?

The point was mute since she had left him for the night. She entered her quarters and continued to walk back and forth. Her uniform felt tight so the jacket was thrown to a chair, as the thoughts kept running through her head. Did she really want a one-night stand that didn’t mean anything? Did he really want her to stay the night, when he asked her to come in. What if he was lying about defecting? What if... She stopped in the middle of the room, closed her eyes and tried to relax and be rational, but after near five years in the great unknown without physical intimacy her body was winning the argument with her mind. The decision was made. She tapped her combadge.

-”Janeway to Kashyk”. He answered at once.

-”Yes, Captain?”

-”Are you still interested in sampling something from the replicator; I could bring over a bottle of wine?” she proposed hesitantly.

-”If it’s not too late for you Captain, I’d love to,” he answered happy.

-”I’ll be there in a few minutes”. She closed the comlink and replicated a bottle of wine and grabbed two glasses from a box under her desk.

-”Computer site-to-site transport from here to guest quarters deck 4 room 11, authorization Janeway gamma 3.”

The transporter sat her down in the middle of the room. Now that she was here she became nervous. Was this really such a good idea? Kashyk turned around at the sound, but didn’t say anything. Kathryn moved toward the table to set down the bottle and glasses.

-”I thought it best to be a little discreet, I didn’t want the guard to see me come back,” she explained, her voice shaking just a bit. She put the bottle down, but didn’t turn around. Kashyk came up behind her, touching her shoulders lightly. A tinkle ran through her body at his touch. It had indeed been a long time.

-”Why did you really come back, Kathryn?” The use of her name helped increase her already rapid breathing.

-”I suspect you already know”, she almost whispered. His hands were moving down her arms and on the return trip his fingers brushed the sides of her breasts.

-”Yes I think I do, but I want to hear you say it”, he whispered back, his mouth right next to her ear.

Her whole body shivered and his hands were moving slowly from her shoulders down her arms and back up again.

”I want you”, she breathed”, I’ve wanted you all night. I was wondering what it would be like to kiss you, feel your naked body, to be with you. And even if you’re not staying after this is done, I want tonight”.

-”I’ve been in quite a state all evening too, and I want this night as much as you”, he answered.

Her head fell back on his shoulder, exposing her neck. He took the invitation and started with small butterfly kisses along her neck and jaw. His hands moved down her sides, gliding over her stomach, moving upward to caress her breasts. He strayed lower again and his right hand slipped between her thighs to caress her hot center through her clothes. She sighed his name. He pulled her shirt from the waistband of her pants and pulled it over her head along with the tank top. Still with his front to her back he unfastened her pants and slid them down her hips and legs. In a provocative move she bent over, letting her butt rub against him, to pull off her boots and pants. She got back up, still rubbing against him, feeling his arousal strong against her backside.

He unclasped her bra and slid it off her shoulders, moving his hands forward to cover her breasts with his hands. Her nipples tightened at the contact with the cool air and his hands. The position she was in was no longer satisfying, since she couldn’t see, so she turned in his arms as her hand strayed to the back of his head to draw him down for their first kiss. Their lips met tentatively, and Kathryn found that she had really missed feeling a man’s lips on hers, let alone a man’s hands roaming over her body, like Kashyk’s were right now. She deepened the kiss, letting her tongue trace his lips, letting him trace hers. Her hands began to open his shirt since he was seriously overdressed. His hands moved from her back to her front, cupping her left breast in his hand. She moaned into his mouth and pushed herself forward, letting him know she wanted more. She finally had his shirt off, and she kissed and nibbled his naked chest. She moved away, toward the bedroom, but stopped at the entrance, where she deliberately slow removed her last item of clothing, and dropped the tiny garment to the floor.

She took a moment to let Kashyk take in her appearance before she moved in on the rest of his clothing. Their lips met in a passionate kiss that displayed all the desire they both felt. Her fingers quickly divested him of his pants and she placed her small hand on his erection, which was straining for freedom, and they started moving further into the bedroom. Her hands roamed over his buttocks, feeling the softness of the fabric of his underwear, then they moved underneath the elastic to feel the softness of his flesh.

Kathryn hit the bed with the back of her knees and sat down. Her hands, still inside his underwear, removed them swiftly to let her get her first glance at his erection. Her mouth watered and she wanted to taste him. Her lips swollen from their kissing closed over his member and her mouth moved skilfully over him. He moaned as his fingers twisted in her short hair, pleasure crossing his face. She released him again, and when their eyes met he could see her need there.

-”Kashyk, take me.... please”, she whispered. He sat on the bed next to her and pushed her back gently. She stretched out and he lay down next to her, his hands beginning to move over her, moving over her breasts, down her stomach to her abdomen and pelvis where he could feel the heat of her desire. He moved up again, this time with his mouth. He kissed her from her feet, up her thigh, then turned to her soft inner thighs. He spread her legs gently and kissed his way to her wet center. His tongue found the little bundle of nerves, and he sucked at her gently. She whimpered in pleasure and tangled her fingers in his hair. He replaced his mouth with a determined hand, inserting a long finger into her, listening to the sounds of her pleasure.

-”Please, Kashyk, I want to feel you inside me, now,” she panted. He was only happy to oblige. He moved up her body to kiss her. She tasted herself on his lips and spread her legs for him. He entered her with one forceful stroke. Kathryn gasped in shock and a tear sprang to her eye; it had been so long. Kashyk realised that he was hurting her, and moved his hand between them and stroked her clitoris to relieve the pain. The ache disappeared to be replaced by a burning desire for more. He moved slowly within her, building toward a powerful climax. Kathryn felt the sensations beginning to center in her abdomen and her nails dug into Kashyk’s back, and then everything exploded, her body stiffened and she buried her head against his shoulder to mask the sound of her outcry as she came hard. Kashyk followed her into oblivion as her muscles tightened around him, and with a muffled cry of his own, he fell on top of her, her arms holding him tight as they both tried to catch their breath.

They repeated the act several times during the night and in the early morning hours Kathryn beamed back to her quarters, her body filled with contentment. She really hoped he was sincere about his defection. She didn’t expect him to stay on the ship, but she didn’t want him to betray them either. Unfortunately she had to be prepared for all possible outcomes of the next few days.

Part 2

B’Elanna was crouched on the floor of the hologrid with her hand roaming inside a conduit.

-”I can’t believe it, one hour after we get rid of those Devore and some god damn system has to shut down, and of course it’s the Holodeck, and who has to repair it??”

She was so absorbed in her ranting that she didn’t notice the surroundings changing around her, or the door opening.

Kathryn walked into the smoky atmosphere of Sandrine’s and walked over to stand by the bar. Glasses were piled on the bar next to her, and she stood there staring at them.

B’Elanna hadn’t noticed her Captain’s entrance, but the sound of glass breaking got her attention. She spun around, ready to fight, but what she saw was her captain and friend next to the bar, glass all around her. B’Elanna approached carefully, not wanting to startle her. She put a hand on Kathryn’s shoulder.

-”Captain?” she said gently.

Kathryn whirled around, not thinking to hide her silent tears. She realized her mistake and tried to turn away.

-”Please don’t hide Captain, you can talk to me if you want.” Kathryn tried to wipe away all signs of her tears.

-”It’s nothing, I’ll manage.” She moved toward the door.

-”Is this about Kashyk?” B’Elanna ventured boldly. Kathryn stopped in her tracks.

-”What makes you say that?”

-”I saw the two of you in the shuttle bay when he left. I was at the upper workstation, and I couldn’t help seeing.”

-”Couldn’t help seeing what?” Kathryn knew exactly what B’Elanna meant, but she needed to hear her say it.

-”I saw him kissing you, and then you kissing him back.”

-”Oh”. Kathryn’s face contorted again as she tried to hold back the tears that threatened again. B’Elanna got more concerned.

-I don’t understand why this is upsetting you so much”, she honestly said. Kathryn sat down at a table drying her eyes with both hands, while taking a deep breath. B’Elanna sat down across from her, waiting for her to begin talking.

-”Well, what you saw was a goodbye kiss, I guess, and although no man has kissed me like that since we left the Alpha Quadrant, that’s not what’s upsetting me. What’s upsetting me is the night we found out how to locate the wormhole. I had left him in his cabin for the night, but I went back to him later…” Kathryn stopped, hoping B’Elanna understood, so she wouldn’t have to say what happened next. B’Elanna understood perfectly if the size of her eyes were any indication.

-”Oh my God, you slept with him!” Kathryn only lowered her eyes to the table.

-”I’m not quite sure now why I did it…. No, that’s not true, I know why I did it. I never did trust him, but with a little more time, I could have fallen for him easily. I just feel… betrayed. I expected him to betray us and I was prepared for the event, but not emotionally. I’ve never had a lover that betrayed me like this and it hurts… more than it should, maybe.” Kathryn had kept her eyes down all through her speech. She felt B’Elanna’s hand on her own, and she looked up, not realizing that tears were running down her cheeks again. B’Elanna moved to a chair next to Kathryn and put her arms around her friend, and Kathryn leaned on B’Elannas shoulder until the silent tears stopped falling. When the worst was over she pulled back feeling slightly guilty and embarrassed.

-”I’m sorry to put all this on you, but I don’t really have anyone else to talk to on this ship.”

-” You can always come to me with anything, but I thought you talked to Chakotay about all the difficult things out here.”

-”I do, but there are some things I can’t talk to him about, but you already know that too, don’t you?”

-”Yeah I guess. Do you want to talk about that?”

-”Yes I think I would, but not yet.” B’Elanna nodded and they fell silent, until B’Elanna felt she had to lighten the mood a little.

-”So was he any good?” Kathryn looked at her incredulously, and then she blushed.

-”I can’t answer that”, she laughed.

-“Why not, you told me everything else, “B’Elanna laughed back.

-“Well….Okay. It’s been a while since I’ve had someone to compare him to, but he was pretty good I’d say. But before I go on, I think we should go somewhere else. Lover stories like this require ice cream and lots of it. Let’s go to the Mess hall and eat till we’re ashamed.”

B’Elanna was laughing again, and together they went to the Mess hall to trade stories.

The End