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Alternate Q and the Grey

Captain Kathryn Janeway sat at her desk sipping coffee, when the door chime sounded. Through a yawn she answered.

-”Come in.”

Chakotay walked in with a padd in his hand.

-”I’ve got those carbon conversion readings from the supernova,” he said, while handing her the padd.

-”Thank you,”...Chakotay stood a little uncertain, looking anywhere but at her.

-”Was there something else?” she questioned

-”Have you heard anything more from Q?” he asked.

-”No. I wish I could believe he’s gone for good...”Janeway said as she put the padd on the desk, and then she looked up at Chakotay.

-”I was wondering just what you meant when you said he made a personal request,” he said, knowing very well he was being too curious. Janeway hesitated before answering.

-”He wants to mate with me”, she finally said.

-”....I see”, Chakotay commented without looking her in the eye.

-”Obviously it’s out of the question, and I suspect it’s a smoke screen, knowing Q he’s probably got some hidden agenda,” she hurriedly said.

-”Maybe”, he said with strong doubt in his voice.

-”Chakotay!?”, she said rising to touch his arm reassuringly.

-”I know I don’t have any right to feel this way, but this bothers the Hell out of me,” he admitted. Suddenly Q appeared, interrupting their tender moment.

-”I do believe you’re jealous. Why didn’t you tell me there was another man?” he said accusingly. Janeway was about to say something like *Because there isn’t, I’m just not interested in you* but suddenly inspiration struck.

-”Because it’s really none of your business”, she answered instead. Chakotay looked at her confused. Q noticed the expression on his face and said accusingly:

-”I don’t believe you, Kathy.”

-”Oh no? Let me show you then,” she replied with a determined smile. She put her hands on the desk and then her knees and crawled towards Chakotay. When she was within range she grapped him by the front of his uniform and pulled him very close. Her arms snaked around his neck and her fingers began to run through his short, soft hair. Chakotay caught the wave of desire in her eyes moments before their lips met. She uttered a loud sigh for Q’s benefit, and Chakotay reacted by deepening the kiss, letting his tongue brush her lips, which she parted in response, uttering another sigh, this time, however, it was from pure pleasure. His arms encircled her and pulled her closer, and she tightened her knees around his hips, her tongue deep in his mouth. In the periphery of their consciousness they heard Q vanishing with a low grumble, but they were too preoccupied to care. They reluctantly broke the kiss when they were out of breath, but before Kathryn could resume the kiss Chakotay stopped her.

-”Kathryn, are you sure about what you are doing, I mean what happened to the protocols and all that?” He had to ask, had to be sure this wasn’t just a one time occurrence to fool Q, that it meant something to her, because it sure did to him. She reluctantly let go of him and sat back on the desk.

-”It’s not as sudden as it looks, Chakotay. I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time, and somehow I don’t think protocol will suffer, if we begin to see each other privately. I just needed a little push and Q just provided it. Besides the look on your face was too priceless.”

Chakotay couldn’t help but smile like a kid at Christmas, his dimples deepening. He pulled her to a standing position, before he pulled her into a big bearhug.

-”How about, when this business with Q is over, we talk about this over dinner”, he whispered in her ear.

-”Mmm, sounds good, but before we return to rational thought, could I kiss you again?” she asked with a smile. She didn’t need to ask twice. His lips were on her mouth, before she could say another word, and she found herself lying on her back on her desk, her knees firmly surrounding his hips again. She could feel his strong desire for her against her pelvis, and when his mouth found the sensitive spot behind her ear she almost lost control. Chakotay felt her control slipping, but as much as he wanted to make love to her right then and there, he knew it was too soon. He got off her so she could sit up and catch her breath.

-”I think that will hold us both warm until we’ve gotten rid of Q, but I think I need a moment before walking back to the Bridge,” Chakotay said with a smile.

-”How about a bucket of ice!” she shot back, and they both laughed, comfortable and relaxed with their decision to carry their friendship to a new level. When Chakotay finally calmed down they walked onto the Bridge, determined to get rid of Q as soon as possible.

and relaxed with their decision to carry their friendship to a new level. When Chakotay finally calmed down they walked onto the Bridge, determined to get rid of Q as soon as possible.

The End