Title: Show me love
Author: leetah47
Rating: MA – birthday smut!!
Pairing: Clarisse/Joseph
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters.
The Princess Diaries and its characters are the property of Meg Cabot and Disney.
Summary: Clarisse feels lonely. Takes place somewhere between PD1 and 2
Thanks: To Susan for the beta.


Clarisse gave a heavy sigh as she sat down on the throne of Genovia. Unable to sleep, she had wandered a bit around the palace before ending up here in the throne room. Her thoughts this night were heavy and sad. Mia had left a few days ago to go back to America for school and Charlotte had accompanied the girl for a two week vacation, taking with them some of Joseph’s best men. This all resulted in the palace being too quiet and Clarisse found herself feeling lonely.

Rupert and Philippe had been taken from her life by disease and accident and life had taken Pierre far from Genovia to work. She missed her family terribly and a few tears of loneliness slipped down her cheeks as she looked at the paintings of her family on the wall.


Joseph was working late in the security room, training a new employee, keeping half an eye on the monitors, when he noticed someone in the throne room. His trained eyes recognized Clarisse’s form immediately even though she was only dressed in a long pink satin robe. He got lost in her beauty for a few moments before he noticed how sad she seemed. He shut down the camera feed for the throne room to insure privacy, bringing up a feed from another camera in its place, and then instructed Eddie, the young security guard not to change any settings while he made some rounds. He then made his way towards the throne room.


Clarisse had drawn her legs up to her chest and laid her head on her knees, letting the satin of her robe absorb her tears. She knew she was wallowing in self pity; she had so much in her life, but for this one moment she just wanted to be sad. How was it possible to be so lonely when she was surrounded by people most of the time? The only time she hadn’t felt that way the last few days was when Joseph was with her.

As if a higher power had heard her thoughts, she saw a black clad figure step silently into the throne room. She didn’t know if she was irritated that once again she had no privacy or if she was happy that she was no longer alone in her misery. She didn’t move from her spot, waiting to see what Joseph would do.

He came further into the room then stopped at the pillar closest to the throne and leaned against it, observing her for a moment. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Her head turned just enough to meet his eyes. “I don’t know,” was her whispered response.

“Do you want me to leave?” Despite his words, he stepped closer to the throne.

“I don’t know,” she whispered again.

He smiled a little at her inability to decide and moved up the steps to the throne before sitting down on the top step, his back to the foot of the throne. “Well, I’m right here if you decide to talk.” He turned his head to look up at her and raised a hand towards her. She hesitated briefly before taking it and just holding it in hers. Eventually she spoke.

“It’s silly, Joseph…..I’m just a silly old woman.” He squeezed her hand, waiting for her to continue.

“I’m lonely…all my family is gone or away and…..I’m here all alone. Surrounded by people, but alone. The people may love their Queen, but who loves the woman? I’m going to die a lonely old woman and no one will remember me besides the title of Queen.”

Joseph wanted terribly to turn around and pull her into his arms and assure her that that would never happen, but he wanted to let her talk it out first.

“How many people really know the woman behind the title? You begin to doubt the love people say they have for you. Do they really care for you or is it the title that attracts them?” She sighed. “I’m sorry, Joseph, I am terribly depressing.”

He held her hand tighter. “There is nothing wrong with feeling these things, but you are wrong. A few precious people love you for you and not for your title. Mia, Charlotte, Pierre…. me. And you will not die a lonely old woman, Clarisse, I promise you.” He had turned his head again, catching her eyes, willing her to hear the truth in his words. He saw doubt and decided to say the words he had held back for a long time, the ones he hoped would convince her.

“I love you, Clarisse; don’t ever doubt that.” He had never spoken the words out loud before, but it seemed right to say them now and his admission brought fresh tears to her eyes. She knew of his love and it was the only one she didn’t doubt at all.

He kissed her hand and her free one came up to caress his cheek. He turned around on the step to kneel before her and pulled on her hand to bring her closer. She put her feet back on the floor on either side of Joseph’s frame as his arms slid behind her back, embracing her, laying his head against her breasts. He then lifted his head to catch her eyes again. He needed to really make her understand.

“I love you, Clarisse. Not as a subject loves his Queen or an employee’s deep respect for his employer; I love the woman you are. I love the compassion you have for your people and the deep love for your family. I love your loyalty to your country and the strength you have to deal with whatever life decides to throw your way. You will never not be loved.” The last sentence came out almost in a whisper as the emotions of the evening seemed to affect Joseph as well.

Clarisse stroked both his cheeks now in rhythm with his words as she took them in and they settled in her heart. She leaned in close to him and whispered back. “I love you, too, Joseph,” before their lips met in a gentle kiss; a tasting of lips, a confirmation of the words spoken. They were in no hurry as they explored each other. Their mouths moved together as if they had done this many times before.

Joseph’s hand moved up to tangle in her hair. Clarisse parted her lips and he took the invitation and slipped his tongue into her mouth to find its mate. Clarisse clutched Joseph’s head, sitting on the very edge of the seat, pressing herself impossibly closer to him. Joseph buried his hands deeper in her hair and gave up all pretence of control and poured all his emotions into the kiss. Time seemed to stand still as they lost themselves in each other.

When air became an issue, he released her lips to move to her neck and she leaned her head back to give him access, still holding him close. He moved lower and nudged at the robe that was covering her. “Let me show you my love for you….please, Clarisse, let me show you.” He breathed the words into her skin and she was powerless to say no. The spark of desire that had ignited when his lips touched hers seemed to light a fire in her body.

“Yes, Joseph, please show me,” she breathed back.

He moaned his approval as his hands slid from her back to her front to slide confidently over her satin clad breasts. He pulled at the robe to reveal the matching thin strapped nightgown she wore underneath, his lips following his hands to bestow kisses on the top swell of her breast. His hands moved lower to open the knot that held the robe together and he slid it to the side as she eased her arms out of the sleeves and let the robe cover the armrests of the throne.

He slid his hands over her thighs, grasping the hem of the short nightgown inching it upwards. Clarisse closed her eyes and her hands grabbed the armrests of the throne. She couldn’t believe they were doing this, especially here, in the throne room, but all she wanted was the tangible evidence of his love as he promised. His gentle command of ‘lift’ was obeyed without hesitation and he slid her panties down her legs. She sank back into the soft cushion of the throne, the robe protecting the fabric of the seat from her arousal.

Joseph moved in between her thighs, pushing the gown up so far that her curls were visible to him. He lifted his gaze to meet hers and breathed ‘beautiful’. She blushed prettily and grabbed the armrests tighter in anticipation. Joseph smiled and held eye contact with her. His touch on her thigh became more insistent as he directed: “Open for me, love.”

Reacting on pure instinct she slowly parted her legs more. Joseph took hold of her right leg and placed it gently over the armrest of the throne. He felt a moment of manly pride as he observed her level of arousal. He let his thumb slide gently through her wetness, unconsciously licking his lips before moving closer.

She felt his lips on her inner thigh and as his mouth closed over her sex she leaned further into the seat of the throne. She shamelessly pushed forward against his touch, moaning in pleasure as he expertly found and started to caress her swollen bud with his talented tongue. Nothing had prepared her for the exquisite feeling and he let his tongue sweep over her sensitive bud in long, slow strokes.

She grabbed the back of his head with one hand to hold him to her and reached behind her to grab the back of the throne with the other. His tongue was masterfully manipulating her bundle of nerves, making her writhe against his mouth. She opened her eyes to look at him. The sight of him so reverently pleasuring her made her whole body shiver with desire. His eyes met hers but his efforts didn’t falter and the combination of his ministrations and the intense look in his eyes triggered a climax of such intensity that she had rarely experienced before. She couldn’t hold back the scream of completion that tore from her throat. Joseph slid his hand over her abdomen to limit her movements as she bucked against his mouth. He didn’t let up and he added a finger, then two to his efforts, pushing into her tight sheath.

He could feel the gentle remains of her climax contracting around his fingers as he slowly moved them within her, coercing another response from her body. He sucked her pearl into his mouth just as his finger hit the right spot deep within her. Clarisse arched her body against his mouth. It was good, so good and she cried out her delight as he made her climax again. “Oh God, Joseph …Oh GOD!”

He brought her down gently, smoothing his hand over her body as he moved his kisses to her inner thigh, letting her catch her breath. He could feel her whole body shake with the aftershocks; and when his eyes met hers, they were dazed. She reached for him, needing to feel him in her arms. “So good….” she whispered. Joseph couldn’t hold back a satisfied smile.

She slid off the throne to join him on the top step and took his mouth in a ravenous kiss, tasting herself on his lips. She didn’t care. Her thighs locked around his waist, trapping Joseph’s hard length between them. She reached between them to undo his pants and released him from his boxers. He let out a groan when she finally wrapped her hand around him and stroked gently. She looked at his handsome face, lost in pleasure. His eyes were closed and his hips were gently moving with the rhythm of her hand.

“Please, Clarisse,” he breathed.

In response, she rose up on her knees, positioning him at her entrance and slowly accepted him into her body. They both held still, adjusting to the exquisite feel of their joining. Their mouths joined in an imitation of their lower bodies and they slowly moved together. The position didn’t afford them much space for movement; but the closeness brought another level of awareness and the slow gentle rocking motion was enough to bring Clarisse to the edge again. Joseph’s hands were caressing up and down her back, his tongue stroking hers and his hardness filling her insides. She found his eyes and held his gaze as she tumbled toward the precipice.

Only a moment later…she was there. Her back arched and her eyes closed tightly at the onslaught of sensation. She cried out as her release rolled over her in strong waves; shards of pleasure shooting out from the point where they were joined.

Joseph held on to her body as she writhed in her climax. The tightening of her muscles around him almost broke his control; but it was the gently whispered ‘I love you, Joseph’ that sent him over. His reaction was immediate and he spilled his release into her body in jerks as he moaned her name loudly. The sensation was overwhelming and he wanted to stay like this forever, buried in her body, breathing her scent. Then came the pain.

“God, Clarisse, my knees! I need to get up,” he groaned. Clarisse scrambled to her feet, separating their bodies.

“Oh dear, I’m so sorry, Joseph,” she whispered, suddenly embarrassed by her behaviour, attacking him on the floor like that.

He grabbed the leg of the throne and pulled himself up enough to sit on the throne. Clarisse had her back turned as she put her discarded panties back on. When she turned around again, Joseph had refastened his pants and was rubbing his sore knees. He was looking at her with uncertainty; they were both unsure as to what would happen now. She decided to break the uncomfortable silence and moved closer.

“You know, Joseph, you really should take me up on the offer of having knee surgery.”

He smiled at her. “I believe you may be right, my dear.” He reached out his hand to her, hoping she would join him. When she came close enough, he pulled her down to sit in his lap. “There we go, much more comfortable,” he said. She hummed in agreement and burrowed into his embrace. “That certainly wasn’t the way I imagined we’d make love for the first time,” he said as he kissed the top of her head. She laughed gently.

“How DID you imagine our first time, Joseph?” she purred as she nuzzled into his neck.

“Hmm, a bed for one.” She laughed at that. “and I supposed we’d both be naked and there’d be candles.” She placed little kisses on his neck while he spoke, strangely comfortable with the high level of intimacy and the quick change their relationship had taken in a very short span of time.

“You are such a romantic, Joseph,” she teased. “We can do that next time.”

He lifted her head to look into her eyes. “Next time? There will be a next time?” His uncertainty was endearing.

“Yes, Joseph, there will most definitely be a next time….I love you.”

His smile lit up his whole face. “And I love you….no more loneliness, Clarisse,” he said firmly.

“No more loneliness,” she echoed. “And if there is, I will tell you and not fall into depressing thoughts.”


They sat in companionable silence for a while until Clarisse began to drift towards sleep.

“Clarisse, you need to get back to your suite and I have the night shift. I have to go back and relieve Eddie. He’s probably wondering what took so long.”

She smiled sleepily at him. “Okay,” she agreed. “I think I can sleep now…thanks to you, my love.” She cupped his cheek and he leaned in to capture her lips. They shared a loving kiss, reaffirming the night’s events, before rising up from the throne. Joseph held out her robe for her to slip into.

Hand in hand, they left the throne room.

The End