Title: Side Effect
Author: leetah47
Rating: MA
Pairing: Adama/Roslin
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. Battlestar Galactica and its characters are the property of Scifi channel and Ron Moore.
Summary: Laura experiences an inconvenient side effect from her treatment in ‘Epiphanies’
Spoilers: Epiphanies

Note: This story has taken me forever to write, so I finally gave myself a deadline and managed to finish it before the show started up again. It's by no means an original idea, but this is my take on it. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks: To my ever patient and helpful beta shakayla and to christina1709 for continued support.


Laura Roslin was in agony – not pain, agony. She sat in a chair in front of Doc Cottle’s desk with her head in her hands trying to take deep breaths. She was two weeks into remission from her cancer and near death experience. During the first week she had regained her strength, then her tiredness had disappeared, and then her appetite had returned with a vengeance. Some over exaggerated mood swings had hit her one day making her crumple to the floor of her bathroom, crying over nothing. Then the next day everything seemed to make her happy…so she really should have been expecting it with all the changes she was going through all at once. The return of her hormones. It seemed like every single hormone that had ever been active in her body was now awakening at the same time.

Her skin felt sensitive all over.Every time she moved, her clothing brushed against her nipples which would tighten in response to this slight touch. When she crossed her legs, tiny shards of pleasure would shoot through her abdomen. When she passed the pilot’s bathroom on her way through Galactica one day, catching a long glimpse of the young handsome men she had to stop next to the wall and breathe deeply to banish the not so pure thoughts. As thrilling as the thoughts were, she absolutely shouldn’t be thinking that way about young handsome pilots in towels or less.

But what had really driven the point home was a meeting with the Admiral and Colonel Tigh. For a brief second, she even thought Tigh looked appealing. She quickly shook herself of that thought. The rest of the meeting was pure torture because she was in close proximity to the one person she knew she shouldn’t be near in this condition... Bill.

His deep voice sent tendrils of pleasure straight to her abdomen and she was having a very hard time concentrating on what he was actually saying. She hoped Billy was taking good notes.Since she couldn’t concentrate anyway, she let herself observe him. His eyes drew her in to the conversation; his mouth captivated her as he spoke of rations and military defenses; his hands intrigued her as they played absentmindedly with a pen. Her imagination went into overdrive as she thought of those eyes looking at her with desire, his mouth kissing her heated skin, his hands touching her everywhere he could reach, and his gravelly yet velvet voice saying her name again and again…’Laura’...


She came to herself at the sound of her name. As her eyes refocused, she was met by Bill’s concerned ones. She apologized, trying to make light of her lapse, feigning fatigue. When in all reality, she was restless. Her nipples were hard as stones, her abdomen was throbbing and she felt like she was sitting in a warm pool of her own desire.

Bill still seemed concerned and asked if she needed rest. She wanted desperately to tell him what she really needed, but she smiled, brushing his concern aside and informed him that she had another meeting after this one so there was no need to hurry. She was proud of herself that her voice didn’t shake and she was fairly certain that neither Bill, Tigh, nor Billy noticed anything amiss.

She did her very best to concentrate on the rest of the meeting while sitting as still as possible, breathing deeply. As soon as the meeting was over, she hastily said goodbye and Billy escorted her out. She escaped to the nearest restroom before her appointment with Cottle. While Billy waited outside, she leaned against the cool bulkhead and tried to control her breathing.

What in the world was she going to do about this? She could not sit through another meeting with Bill and remain calm. She pushed away from the bulkhead and reached in to her briefcase and retrieved a pair of clean panties. This was ridiculous; she didn’t have the underwear to spare for her body to act up in this way. She changed and wrapped up the other pair in some paper and put them in the brief case. She would have to hand wash these tonight. For an absurd moment she longed for her lingerie drawer back on Caprica.

She splashed some cold water on her face and rejoined Billy in the hallway. She gave him instructions on the way to Life Station for all the work he needed to get done today. When they arrived, he said his good bye and left her to go and work before meeting Dee for dinner.

And now here she sat in Doc Cottle’s office, waiting for him, in agony.

Cottle finally showed up, the customary cigarette in his mouth, dropping a bunch of files on the desk. “Okay young lady, let’s get to it. Bed over there.” He indicated an available bed close by.

She eyed it with trepidation. Is there any way we could forego the physical today, Jack? I’m not sure I can go through with it right now.” She was hoping he wouldn’t ask questions, just assume she was busy. Of course she was not that lucky.

He looked at her with searching eyes. “Why?” was his only question.

She decided to try and dismiss it. “Oh, just…I’m very busy and…”

He interrupted her before she could say anymore. “Don’t lie to your doctor, Roslin.” He admonished.

She sighed and put her head back into her hands. “Okay, the truth. You know how my fatigue just vanished and my appetite returned like I hadn’t eaten in months?”

Jack nodded; it had been quite a sight to see her attack food like it would disappear if she didn’t hurry.

“Well, with all the changes that my body is going through at lightning speed, something else woke up with a vengeance…” She hoped that would be enough.

He merely looked at her. “Yes?” He really was going to make her say it.

She gritted her teeth and pushed forward. “My hormones have decided to wake up. ALL of my hormones. So I can’t have the physical because any sort of touching makes me crazy!” The last part was an angry whisper. Cottle managed to hold back any verbal response, but Laura could see the merriment in his eyes.

“Don’t you DARE laugh at this, Jack Cottle!” Her green eyes were flashing at him and he had the good sense to school his features immediately. “I need help! I can’t work like this. I haven’t met a man the last two days that I don’t want to jump! Help me; give me some medication, anything! Make it stop.” Tears of frustration were rising in her eyes and she wiped at them angrily.

Cottle got up from his chair and sat on the edge of the desk in front of her and in a very serious voice said: “You need to get laid, Madam President.”

Her head snapped up to meet his eyes. All she saw there was concern, sympathy and friendship. She relaxed a bit and shook her head at his words, knowing they were true. “In all honesty Jack, who would volunteer to bed the President of the Twelve Colonies?”

She hadn’t expected him to answer, she was just venting, but his words surprised her. “If you took a poll, Madam President, I suspect a great deal of men and some women would volunteer.”

She had the good sense to blush at his statement. Then she shrugged her shoulders. “It doesn’t matter; that’s not going to happen.” She sat back and sighed. This was infuriating.

“How long do you think this will last then?” She asked. “It’s really interfering with my work and my concentration.”

Cottle raised his shoulders in defeat. “I really couldn’t say. This is as new for me as it is for you. I can’t give you anything for it. In my professional opinion I suggest you release the tension in a natural way.“

“And how do you suggest I do that? I have no privacy for some ‘alone’ time and I can’t walk up to the first hot young pilot I see and ask him to frak me in his bunk!”

“Rack.”He corrected silently.

“Whatever!” She snapped back. “Gods!” She pushed out of the chair and started pacing, even though that didn’t help her current situation. How could just moving be arousing? Cottle didn’t really know what to say. She was so wrapped up in her pacing that she didn’t notice Bill walking in until he was standing by Cottle’s desk.

“Jack, we need to schedule a meeting regarding training for the pilots.” He said before Cottle gestured towards Laura who had stopped in her tracks. “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

Gods, this was just what she needed! Tendrils of pleasure shot down her back at the mere sight of him; more forceful than this morning. She covered her mouth, closed her eyes and breathed.

Of course Bill misread her gesture and was beside her instantly, touching her elbow. “Are you okay?”

She tried to disguise the moan that made its way to her throat, clearing her voice instead. “I’m fine.” She managed.

Cottle watched the exchange with interest. The Admiral seemed more concerned for ‘Laura’ than the ‘President’; his eyes betraying more than Bill probably was aware of himself. She had reacted much more strongly the minute the Admiral had entered the room; her cheeks flushed and her breathing increased.

Jack smiled to himself. “Admiral, perhaps Madam President could use your quarters for a few hours for some uninterrupted time this afternoon?” Cottle asked.

Laura’s head snapped up at Jack’s voice. Her protest of “No, Jack” came out as a whisper; her panic stricken eyes meeting his. Bill was still holding her elbow and she was desperately trying to hold her composure.

“Of course,” Bill answered. “I’ll escort you down now.” He smiled at Laura, ever the gentleman.

She stepped away from Bill and approached Cottle; if he hadn’t leaned against the desk he would have had to take a step back. “You will pay for that, Jack” She said in a hushed tone, stressing his name.

He let a small smile play across his lips. He matched her tone. “Go and get this out of your system, one way or the other. At least now you will have the privacy….or the help.” He didn’t let himself be intimidated by the dark look in her eye.

Thankfully Bill stepped up to them. “Are you ready, Madam President?”

Laura gave Cottle one last look, then bent down and picked up her briefcase and tried to muster a reassuring smile for Bill. “Yes.”

Bill placed a hand on the small of her back to escort her out and Cottle could see the tension in her body increase, even from the back. When they had left Life Station, he allowed himself a small chuckle and thanked the Gods that she hadn’t tried to kill him.


As they walked the halls of Galactica, Laura considered her situation. Whether she wanted it or not, she now had a few hours alone in Bill’s quarters surrounded by his things, his scent, his soft couch … the idea suddenly seemed quite appealing and she discreetly breathed deeply to dispel the images that popped into her mind at the thought.

As quickly as the image came and then faded, her panic returned. How would she explain herself if he started asking for what she needed the time? Her emotions were so on edge there was serious doubt that she could lie convincingly. She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice that they had arrived at his quarters until Bill placed his hand on the small of her back to lead her through the hatch.

Usually the sight and scent of Bill’s quarters calmed her and made her comfortable, but in her current state it acted as a stimulant to her already overloaded senses. She let her briefcase fall next to the bookcase inside the hatch. Her hands started fidgeting with the hem of her jacket as she slowly moved further into the room. She felt hot and her clothes felt restraining.

Why wasn’t Bill leaving?

He poured himself a glass of water and held up the pitcher towards her in question. She merely shook her head and didn’t meet his eyes. He brought his glass with him and leaned against the desk, fixing his gaze on her. “What’s wrong, Laura?”

“Nothing.” She was too quick to respond and he clearly didn’t believe her. She tried another tactic: Half truth. “It’s nothing, Bill…just…a side effect from the treatment…it’s been two long weeks and my system is adjusting…” She knew she wasn’t being very convincing.

“Side effect?? Are you ill, did something go wrong?”

She could hear the concern in his voice - wrong half truth.

“No. No. I’m fine, not ill. It’s not that kind of side effect…” Her voice trailed off, she didn’t know what to say next.

“Laura, you’ve been acting strange all day, distracted and on edge. Don’t tell me you’re just tired; the way you were looking at me during the meeting had nothing to do with tired.”

Okay, so she hadn’t been as discreet during the meeting as she had hoped. “It’s really nothing…I…it…I just need a little time to myself…” She was stumbling over the words and didn’t know how to convince him to stop questioning her. Her agitation was escalating…why didn’t he just go and leave her in peace? It was taking all of her willpower not to fall into his embrace and relish the hard planes of his body against her soft curves.

Unfortunately, it was not really Bill’s style to leave if he thought something was wrong. He put the glass on the desk and moved over to give her support and she instinctively stepped back. “For frak’s sake, Laura, just tell me what’s wrong.” He didn’t shout it, but his voice also conveyed that this game was getting tiresome.

Laura finally exploded. “I’m godsdamned HORNY! Are you happy now?!” Her words died out and the cabin was quiet. The shock in her eyes told him that she hadn’t meant to say that. The fierce blush in her cheeks was no longer arousal, but intense embarrassment. She was shocked in herself and turned to run for the hatch.

His hand grabbed her arm and stopped her flight. “Please don’t run, Laura.”

The words stopped her movement; but she didn’t turn to look at him. “Let me go, Bill…It’s my problem, I’ll handle it. I just needed the privacy for a while as Cottle said… now I don’t have that here either. So please just let me go somewhere and deal with this.” Her words sounded very calm, but Bill could feel her tremble where his hand still held her arm.

“Let me help you.” He said in a quiet voice. Her head snapped around to face him and her answer was instantaneous. ”I don’t want a pity frak.” She regretted the words at once. She didn’t mean for it to come out so harshly, but she had reached her limit.

In a bold move that surprised her, he grabbed her hand and placed it against his very hard erection. “Does it feel like I pity you?” His voice rasped somewhere near her ear. She couldn’t hold back a moan as a jolt of pleasure shot through her already aroused body. He moved her backwards and pushed her against the wall, pressing himself against her. “Tell me what you need.”

She couldn’t stand still, her body moved of its own accord - against the wall…against him. The weak protest that had made its way to her throat died before it was vocalized and she just let go. She had no fight left in her.

“No foreplay, please make it fast.” She breathed out. “Once won’t be enough.” She was almost ashamed to say it out loud, but neither of them were young anymore and she felt she needed to give him fair warning. It didn’t seem to dissuade him as he was unbuttoning her silk shirt as she spoke, revealing her black satin clad breasts to his eyes. Her words made him change direction, however and she felt her skirt being pushed up to her hips. A hand covered her breast and the other cupped her mound without further preamble. Laura’s eyes closed and her head leaned back against the wall, exposing her slender neck. He attacked her soft skin with his lips as he stroked her through the soaked fabric of her panties.

She was making small sounds of pleasure that vibrated against his lips, following his strokes with her hips. This was what she needed…had desperately longed for for days. He slipped his hand beneath the elastic of her underwear and with precision found her clit, stroking it slowly. His lips moved next to her ear and whispered. “So soft…so wet.”

She had been on the brink for days and that was all it took. She moaned loudly and grabbed a fistful of his uniform as her body shattered under his ministrations. She pushed against his fingers, making the climax last. So good, but she needed more. “Oh Gods, Bill! Oh…More, please, more…” She was shamelessly begging and she didn’t care. His hands left her momentarily to remove her panties and then he was back, mouth over hers, swallowing her shallow breath, hand caressing her flesh which still contracted from her fast release. He lifted one of her legs and let it rest on his hip before he pushed first one finger into her sheath and then two, watching as her eyes now opened, glazed over, seeing nothing, her mouth releasing his to take in much needed oxygen.

He looked down to see his hand moving rhythmically against her; his thumb stroking her clit as his fingers massaged her inner walls. The scent of her arousal and the sight of her curls against his hand made his body tighten with need for her. He was determined, though, to give her all the pleasure she could take before he took his own. He tore his gaze from her lower body and attacked her neck with his lips, biting gently and soothing it with his tongue. “You feel so good, Laura…“

She could only respond with sounds as her head fell back against the wall once again. Her eyes closed as she concentrated on the feel of him, giving him greater access to her neck. His thumb continued circling her clit in rhythm with his thrusting fingers and Laura began to drive her hips against his hand to increase the sensation. Bill could feel her inner muscles begin to quiver and knew she was close again. “That’s it.” He encouraged her as he put a little more pressure on her bundle of nerves.

He curled his fingers inside her slightly and her movements became erratic as her climax started to rise through her body. “Bill….ooohh Gods…”

Her words made him curl his fingers again and he lifted his head to meet her eyes as the orgasm tore through her with blinding intensity. She couldn’t hold his gaze and closed her eyes as shockwaves of pleasure rolled through her body; her outcry a jumble of inarticulate words mixed with his name. Bill kept the movements of his fingers going until she stopped shaking and then slowly withdrew his fingers to cup her through the aftershocks, feeling her moisture against his palm. Her scent surrounded him and he knew he had to taste her next.

Laura was breathing hard, using the wall for support as Bill drew slightly away from her. He quickly shed his uniform jacket and threw it over the back of the couch and toed off his shoes, but didn’t remove anything else. He took a moment to really look at her.

She was leaning heavily against the wall, purple silk shirt hanging open, black satin bra covering her heaving chest, skirt bunched around her hips, making her curls visible under the hem. Her feet were still encased in high heeled black pumps, but her legs were magnificently free of stockings. Her cheeks were flushed with arousal and her lips swollen from his kisses. Her eyes…her beautiful eyes were staring straight into his, darkened with desire. In her look was a hunger for more. He had secretly hoped twice wouldn’t be enough either.

Laura was regaining her breath and at the same time a bit of her sanity as well. She was standing half naked in the Admiral’s quarters - very exposed. Desire was still coursing through her veins, but a sense that this was wrong was trying to invade her thoughts. It was succeeding until she opened her eyes and saw Bill watching her. He had discarded his uniform jacket and his tanks showed off his good physique. He was unashamedly admiring her form and the thought that he desired her as strongly as she desired him made her need for him rise again.

He moved in and captured her lips in a fierce kiss that she responded to just as fiercely. Her lower body was seeking contact again; her desire far from abated. He pulled out of the kiss long enough to issue an order: “Hang on” as his hands moved to lift her legs. She caught on and wrapped her legs around his waist, kicking off her shoes as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight as he moved across the room towards the couch. He unzipped her skirt and caressed her naked back, never losing the touch of her lips.

He laid her on the couch, head on the pillow by the armrest, and pulled the unzipped skirt off. He draped it across the back of the couch, mindful of the fact that it would wrinkle if he just tossed it to the floor. Laura didn’t seem to think that far ahead as she pulled her silk shirt off in inpatient movements. It landed in a heap on the floor. Bill took a moment to remove his pants, leaving him in tanks and boxers.

Laura’s hands were shaking as she fumbled with the front closure on her bra, needing to be rid of the barrier of clothing. Her desire didn’t seem to have diminished; all she wanted was for Bill to touch her again. The closure finally gave the same moment as Laura felt Bill’s lips on her inner thigh. She thanked the Gods that he didn’t waste time as she had told him and his mouth closed over her sex as she leaned back into the pillow.

She shamelessly pushed forward against his touch moaning in pleasure as he expertly found and started to caress her swollen bud with his talented tongue. She grabbed the back of his head with one hand to hold him to her and her other moved to cup her own breast, slender fingers teasing the nipple. His tongue was masterfully manipulating her bundle of nerves, making her writhe against his mouth. She opened her eyes to look at him. The sight of him so reverently pleasuring her made her whole body shiver with desire. At that exact moment, his eyes met hers.

His efforts didn’t falter and the combination of his ministrations and the intense look in his eyes triggered a climax of such intensity that she had rarely experienced before. She couldn’t hold back the scream of completion that tore from her throat. Bill slid his hand over her abdomen to limit her movements as she bucked against his mouth. He didn’t let up and he added a finger, then two to his efforts, pushing into her tight sheath.

He could feel the gentle remains of her climax contracting around his fingers as he slowly moved them within her, coercing another response from her body. He sucked her clit into his mouth just as his finger hit the right spot deep within her. Laura arched her body against his mouth. It was good, so good and she cried out her delight as he made her climax yet again.. “Oh Gods ….Bill…Oh GODS!”

He brought her down gently, smoothing his hand over her body as he moved his kisses to her inner thigh, before moving upwards. He could feel her whole body shake with the aftershocks; and when his eyes met hers, they were dazed. She reached for him, needing to feel him in her arms. “So good….” She whispered.

Bill couldn’t hold back a satisfied smile. She pulled him close and took his mouth in a ravenous kiss, tasting herself on his lips. She didn’t care. Their legs tangled, trapping Bill’s hard length between them.

He pulled out of the kiss. “Please tell me you’re ready for more.”

She could hear the unspoken plea in his voice. She smiled and kissed him again. “Oh yes, but let’s move to your bed now.”

“Rack” He corrected between breathy kisses along her neck.

She giggled at the feeling and the word. “Whatever…Let’s just frak.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” He reluctantly separated from her, rising up from the couch, pulling off his dog tags and laying them on the coffee table. His tanks followed suit, landing on the floor. Laura watched his undressing with interest, noting the prominent bulge in his fleet issue boxers. She sat up and reached for him, closing her small hand over his length, massaging gently. She suddenly felt like repaying his favour. She pulled the boxers over his hips before taking his length in a firm grasp and lowering her lips over the head. He let out a surprised groan that quickly turned to pleasure. She hummed in response, sending shivers through his body. She circled her tongue around the head before sliding her lips down the full length of his shaft. On the return trip, however, he stopped her before it could go too far.

She looked up at him confused. “Do you not want me to?” She could see the indecision in his eyes.

“Oh, I want you to very much; but if we’re going to frak, you’ll have to stop…no matter how good it feels.” He added with a sad smile.

She rose from the couch ad snaked her arms around his neck, kissing his lips gently. “Okay, but I’ll owe you one.” She promised. She slowly slid her arms from his neck, over his chest, to take his hand and began leading him towards the sleeping area. When they reached the edge of the rack she turned to him and he could see her pupils had dilated again and her breath had increased. “I need you again.” She whispered, lowering her eyes, embarrassed that she had to ask.

He lifted her chin and made her meet his eyes. “You have me, Laura, for as long as you need. Okay?”

She nodded at his words and he leaned in and initiated a long, lazy kiss as he manoeuvred them into the rack. His head resting on a high pillow; her body draped over him, not breaking the kiss. Her fingers entwined in his hair as his hand strayed down her back, moving up and down as the other landed firmly on her ass, kneading and pressing her closer. Her sex connected with his erection and suddenly any thoughts of taking it slow were forgotten.

Laura dragged her breasts over his naked chest before sitting up, swinging one leg over his to straddle him. She took a firm grip on his member and guided him to her entrance before slowly taking him into her body. She closed her eyes and a low moan escaped her throat as she adjusted to the welcome intrusion. Her moan matched his groan of pleasure as they were finally joined. He held her still for a moment, enjoying the sensation. She opened her eyes again and their eyes met, a matching look of affection.

After a moment, she started to move. As she set a steady rhythm, his hands settled on her hips to aid her. Her own hands strayed to her breasts which craved attention. She rolled one nipple and the sensation went straight to the point where their bodies were connected. A realization suddenly slammed into her. She was not sick anymore! Her breasts were healthy, cancer free and giving her pleasure. The thought brought a tear of joy to her eye and she took Bill’s hands and placed them where her own had just been. “Please touch me here, Bill.”

Her smile was bright and he was unsure why until he realized that this had been the source of her illness, her pain and her very near death since the beginning of their journey. Now she was cured. His smile brightened to match hers.

Her smile turned to a light peal of laughter as she quickened her pace, her hands closed over his as they massaged her breasts. The laughter was replaced by a dragged out cry as her body reacted to the joy and pleasure. Her orgasm tore through her and her head fell back as her hands crushed him to her.

Bill was mesmerized by the sight. She held his hands to her breasts while her inner walls clenched his length with the contractions of her powerful orgasm. Her head was tossed back, her voice calling out her pleasure and her fiery red hair seemed to be everywhere. He concentrated on the sight and not his body’s response, holding back his own pleasure for just a little while longer.

She was shuttering in the aftermath and he sat up to embrace and support her as she came down from her high. His mouth found a breast and his lips closed over a nipple, suckling at her in rhythm with the aftershocks clenching around his length. He let her breathe for a moment, but he was at the end of his body’s tolerance now. He held her tight as he flipped them over, laying her back against the pillows without separating their bodies.

He held his body still within her as his lips closed over her breast again, sucking the nipple into his mouth, his hand caressing the other breast, making her writhe beneath him. He released her breast and met her eyes. “I need YOU now, Laura.”

She moaned at his words, deliberately clenching her muscles around his length. “Then take me.” She breathed out between gasps. He responded at once, lifting one of her legs for leverage, bracing his hand against the mattress and set a rhythm of deep, hard thrusts.

Laura held a hand to her breast and the other behind her to brace herself against the wall of the rack. She concentrated on his reactions and tried to match his rhythm, to finally bring him the pleasure he had so patiently set aside for hers. His face wore a mask of concentration as a bead of sweat ran down his face. She released her breast to move her hand to wipe it away, then letting it fall lower to trace down his scar. Her hand snaked around to his neck bringing him closer, changing the angle of his thrusts. She aligned her mouth with his ear and whispered hotly.”Frak me harder, Bill.”

“Gods, Laura.” He groaned in response. Any measure of control he had previously exhibited disappeared at her whispered command. He adjusted his body once again and thrust against her hard and deep. Their eyes closed as the intensity of the pleasure swept over the bodies...moments later he cried out her name as his release claimed him with a force that he had not often experienced.

She didn’t think she had anymore left in her, but as Bill gasped her name against her ear with his final erratic thrusts, her body surprised her with a last gentle climax. She breathed his name back to him as she clenched around him.

Bill lay back on the rack, catching his breath. “Wow” he uttered between breaths. Laura let out an affirmative sound, a mix between a giggle and a yes. She wrapped one leg over his and placed her head on her hands on his chest, a beautiful relaxed smile on her lips.

“How do you feel?” Bill questioned.

Her smile widened and she hummed in contentment. “I feel wonderful. Healthy, full of energy…happy for the first time since the attacks. I’m alive, Bill! I shouldn’t be, but I am and the most powerful man left in the universe just frakked me senseless…Made me come six times.” She wagged her eyebrows at him and he chuckled at her good mood. “So to answer your question, I feel wonderful. The desperate need that filled me seems to be gone now too. I felt like I was crawling out of my skin” He stroked her hair rhythmically as she spoke.

“That was one persistent side effect.” He rumbled.

She answered with an affirmative ‘mhm’ and then she sighed as reality seemed to push in on their afternoon. “What happens now, Bill? Is this going to happen again?”

“Oh give me thirty minutes to recover and we’ll go for an uneven seven times.” He smiled at her.

She giggled at his deliberate misunderstanding of her words; but her lower body moved against his thigh, betraying her, making her want to frak again. “No, I mean tomorrow, the day after, next week…”

Bill met her eyes. “What do you want to do?”

Her answer came quickly. “I don’t want to lose this now that we’ve found it…. we are so going to do this again.”

Bill chuckled at how adamantly she said it. “I agree.” Their eyes met in mutual agreement.

Laura ran a finger up and down along his scar. “So how long before you have to be anywhere?”

He chuckled at the mischief in her eyes. “Let me check.” He picked up the phone on the wall next to the rack and talked briefly to the CIC while Laura busied herself with drawing invisible patterns on his chest.

“Dee? Anything pressing?....That’s good...I’ll be working with the President in my quarters. Would you inform Colonial One? Thanks. We can be reached for important information. Thanks Dee…”

He hung up the phone and glanced down at what Laura was doing. She met his eyes as he relayed the information. “We have the rest of the day barring any Cylon attacks or other emergencies.”

She smiled brightly. “It’s good to be the boss.”

“Indeed.” He kept stroking her hair, enjoying the laziness that had taken over. Her lips replaced her fingers on his chest and she swirled her tongue over his nipple making him groan. Her hand snaked over his abdomen, down to his thigh and up again.

His eyes raked over her body and his mind clearly remembered how she looked in the throes of ecstasy. Laziness forgotten he felt his body stir and he growled: "Forget the thirty minutes…”as he rolled her over and his lips attacked her breast again.

Laura squealed as the sensations tingled anew through her body and laughed. "What thirty minutes?"

The End.