One Night Stand

By Dorthe Hansen,

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Everything Star Trek belongs to Paramount….

….-” so Tom was yelling his head off, just because we had sex in ”his” Delta Flyer, and we didn’t even leave a mess or anything.” Jenny Delaney was telling her story very vividly and her sister was sitting on the floor next to her, holding her abdomen, she was laughing so hard. Samantha Wildman was laughing shyly, whereas B’Elanna Torres and Kathryn Janeway were almost as hard as Meghan. Seven looked a little puzzled, not understanding this fascination with telling sexual stories, but then, she didn’t have anything to add to the subject.

Now six years into their journey, Kathryn had gradually realized that she needed to socialize more with her crew. She had decided that protocol could not be damaged that badly so long into their journey and she really needed the companionship. So she had approached these five women and after a while they found that they all enjoyed socializing without their rank and work popping up all the time. This particular evening was devoted to stories about sex in strange, funny, dangerous or memorable places since arriving in the Delta Quadrant.

-“He shouldn’t yell at you when he’s been having sex with me in there more than once.” B’Elanna pointed out.

“I guess he’s very territorial about that damned Flyer, one is temped to think he build it”, Jenny retorted. They were all in stitches for a while. B’Elanna was the first to recover.

-“I believe it’s our dear Captain’s turn to spin a little tale”. They all looked at her expectantly, waiting for the story about Chakotay they thought she would share. Kathryn was blushing slightly.

-“I’m afraid I have no tale to spin”, she said silently. B’Elanna stared at her.

-“ What does that mean, you have no story?”

-“ Well… I haven’t had sex since we left Earth”, she admitted. Now they were all staring.

-“ But… that’s almost six years ago”, Megan pointed out “but we thought that….”

-“You thought what?” Kathryn asked.

-“Well, we thought you and Chakotay sort of had a thing going”, B’Elanna said.

-“No we haven’t, and never had”, Kathryn answered in a tone that was hard to interpret.

-“ Not even on that planet where you were stranded?” Jenny asked. Kathryn shook her head.

-“ Not even a passing alien on some planet along the way? Megan asked. Kathryn shook her head again. Jenny seemed to think it over for a moment.

-“Bet your hand must hurt”. They all screamed in laughter, not stopping for several minutes.

-“ Well, you have to tell a story, but you can tell one from pre-Delta”, Megan said.

-“Oh, there are many to choose from. Mark was a very imaginative lover,” she wagged her eyebrows. They all laughed.

-“But I think I will tell you about the one time I did a one night stand. It’s not really something I’ve done a lot, but at that particular time of my life I was not doing things by the book. I had just lost my father and fiancée in an accident the year before and I was almost finished with Command school. There was this big gala you were supposed to attend, even if you didn’t want to. Friendly duress, you know. Anyway, this is where I met a young man I had had a “blind date gone bad” with at the Academy. A young man by the name of Will Riker.”

-“Will Riker from the Enterprise, are you kidding? Jenny shouted, her eyes the size of plates. The others held their breaths.

-“I kid you not”, Kathryn smirked, happy that she could shock them so. “Here’s the story:”

Kathryn found it tiresome, to say the least, that she had to attend this function, it was pointless. She was picking at the food left on her plate, and was rather bored, when someone approached her from behind.

-As I live and breathe. Kathryn Janeway, what are you doing here?” the voice was familiar. She turned and stared into the piercing blue eyes of William Riker.

-“Well, hello, it’s been quite a long time since I’ve seen you. Do you have your own ship yet?” Will sat down next to her and she pushed the plate away.

-“Not quite yet.” He gave her a brilliant smile. “I thought this party was for command only. Aren’t you a scientist.”

-It is and I am, but I switched tracks about 5 months ago, and I’m shipping out next month on my first command mission.” Will smiled charmingly at her.

-“Maybe you’ll get your own ship before I do.” Kathryn grinned back.

They talked for a long time, about life after the Academy They talked about family and past lovers. Will told about the Betazoid woman he’d fallen in love with, but the relationship hadn’t lasted after he left Betazed. She told him about Justin and the terrible accident that happened less than a year before, where she lost both him and her father. To lighten the mood, Will berated Kathryn for running out on him on their first date so many years ago. That made her laugh, and she apologized hoping that this evening would make up for it.

The same attraction she had felt the first time she looked into his eyes was starting to burn inside her, and he seemed attracted to her as well. As the party turned from eating to dancing, Will led her to the dance floor. As one song turned to many they slowly drifted closer until her head rested on his shoulder. Kathryn was beginning to feel an intense burning desire for him, which she had never experienced before to this degree. Maybe it was the wine, the atmosphere, maybe she was still vulnerable after the accident. Whatever the reason she desperately wanted to kiss Will. She lifted her head and looked at him. In his eyes she saw the same desire directed at her. Her breathing picked up.

-“Maybe we should go somewhere else,” she suggested. He nodded and took her hand, leading her to a door at the back of the ballroom.

It was semi dark in the adjourning room, which looked like a dining room. Round tables draped with tablecloths filled the room, and they could hear the music from the ballroom filter through the walls. Will turned around and looked at her. His gaze was so intense and full of desire that Kathryn felt naked under it. She was standing close to the wall and he closed the distance between them in two steps. She put her arms around his neck, standing on her toes to reach his mouth. Kathryn had no idea how much she really wanted him until his mouth was on hers. She ran her fingers through his hair and he pushed her back against the wall, kissing her senseless. His hands were roaming her body. He took hold of her bottom and pulled her closer. She had to spread her legs, so his thigh was between them. He pressed against her hot center and she moaned into his mouth, pressing herself harder against him, moving up and down slowly. For what Will wanted to do they were in the wrong place, so he lifted her up to straddle his hips and he carried her to the nearest table putting her down on it. She sat at the very edge of the table where she had the most access to his body. He slipped the strap of the dress off her shoulder, kissing it. His hand fell down to follow the curve of her breast, and his other hand removed the other strap. He followed with his mouth in the wake of his hand, kissing down to where her braless breasts were showing. Her nibbles were hard as small stones and he circled one with his tongue. She arched her back, encouraging him, as she threaded her fingers through his hair again. He wanted to move lower but the dress was in the way. He slid her off the table, letting his hands glide up her legs under the dress. He got hold of her small panties, pulling them slowly down to the floor, looking up at her with desire. Her body was trembling with anticipation. He got up again, lifted the dress from her bottom and sat her on the table again, her bare skin on the tablecloth. Again he slid his hands up her thighs, taking the dress with him, and bunching it up around her waist. He got on his knees in front of her and went for his target. Kathryn’s eyes almost popped out of her head when she felt his hot wet mouth on her most private place. She moaned in intense pleasure, as his tongue lovingly caressed her clitoris. He sucked on it and he felt her muscles tightening. He licked hard and moved his tongue at a fast pace. Kathryn screamed with her release, her hands gripping his head for support. He didn’t stop caressing her and the aftershocks became foreshocks and she was again writhing on the table screaming his name. She started to come down from the sexual high and he got up to stand in front of her.

-“Do you know how many nights at the Academy I lay awake imagining doing that to you?”

Kathryn was trying to catch her breath. She wiped away the stray tears that had escaped her eyes in wonder.

-“No one has ever done that to me before. Oh God!” She embraced him still sitting on the table, and he just held her for a while. She felt his hard erection pressing eagerly against her. She reached a hand down and started to stroke him.

-“I think we should switch places”, she said with a crooked smile. She hopped off the table and he sat where she had. Her dress slipped off her body to the floor and she pulled out one of the chairs, so she was in a better position to pleasure him. She wet her lips and slowly approached his hard penis to tease him. He was watching her intently, waiting for the touch. She enclosed him between her lips and sucked all the way down and up again, her tongue playing with the tip. Some of her hair had gotten free of its restraints and was lightly brushing his thighs, adding to the feelings. His head was thrown back and he was making noises of pleasure. He was losing himself to the sensations, but then realized he didn’t want it to end just yet.

-“Kathryn stop. I don’t want it to end like this. Let me make love to you”. Kathryn looked up at his pleading eyes, and felt another surge of desire for him. She got up and they reversed their position. Kathryn sat on the table once again and Will stepped between her legs. She leaned back, placing her hands on the table behind her back. He rubbed her sex gently preparing her for the penetration. He placed his erect member at her opening and she sighed in anticipation. He then glided inside her, burying himself completely. Kathryn moaned and threw her head back, arching her whole body. Will took it as an invitation and assaulted her breasts with gentle bites and kisses. Her eyes drifted to the door and she had a sudden fear that someone would come in, but then it added to her arousal, the danger of it. Will was thrusting in a regular rhythm and she was moving to it. Her position seemed to let his penis rub her places no one had before, and she realised he was rubbing against her G-spot. Her eyes widened in wonder as the sensations began to build higher that she had ever experienced before. She knew she couldn’t hold back the intense scream when the pressure culminated and again the fear of being discovered briefly ran through her head, but Will was kissing the sensitive spot behind her ear and all thought vanished. Will’s rhythm grew faster as his orgasm approached fast, but she was just ahead of him, and then her body could take no more stimulation and everything erupted as she screamed with the intense pleasure of it. She was clinging to Will, riding on the wave of her orgasm, and it triggered his. His thrusts became irregular as he spilled his seed into her, shouting her name across the room. Kathryn was breathing so hard that she thought she might never catch her breath again. Her body was trembling from the force of her orgasm, she had never come that hard in her life, and she had tears of wonder in her eyes. Will was gently stroking her naked back, and she started to calm down. He faced her and saw her tears.

-“Hey what’s this?” He wiped the tears from her cheeks.

-“That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. Thank you so much”.

-“I should be the one to say thank you. For helping me realize a fantasy”. He hugged her again, and she hugged him back inhaling his scent, so she wouldn’t forget. And then Riker’s combadge beeped. He released her and fumbled after his discarded clothes for it.

-”Riker here”, he answered, staring at Kathryn while she found and slid her panties back on, wiggling her butt at him.

-“Where are you Riker? I have some people here who would like to meet my First Officer.” Will rolled his eyes at Kathryn who smiled back. She pulled her dress back on.

-“I was getting some air, sir. I’ll be there in few minutes”. He closed the link and looked disappointed at Kathryn. He put his clothes back on and Kathryn helped him with the buttons on his shirt.

-“I’m sorry to cut this short”. He kissed her forehead.

-“That’s all right. It was very…memorable…,” she looked at the table that had borne the brunt of their lovemaking, “…and it was not short. You go and talk to your captain, I’ll follow you out in a few minutes. He gave her a last gentle kiss, before he turned and walked to the door and disappeared in to the ballroom. Kathryn leaned back against the table and thought about the experience. She had never made love to anyone the way she just had with William Riker. Never had such an intense desire driven her into the arms of a man she didn’t really know. She pulled out her hairpins, since her hair was a big mess. She didn’t feel like rejoining the party, so she went to the ballroom and caught Will’s eye. She waved at him as a goodbye, found her purse and disappeared into the gentle San Francisco night…

-“I saw him a few times after that, and we stayed in touch. I even got a letter from him in last month’s data stream. He’s gotten back together with his Betazoid friend, and they’re very happy. But for that one night 18 years ago he was mine.”

She looked at the stunned faces of the five other women in the room. She hadn’t meant to tell the story so detailed, but the memories had swept her away. She knew her face was warm and her body was reacting to the story, and from the look of it, it had affected the others in much the same way.

-“That’s it”, B’Elanna said, as she slapped her combadge. “Torres to Paris, meet me in my quarters in five minutes”. She practically ran for the door, and shouted a thank you over her shoulder. Seven got up from her seat as well.

-I must return to my alcove, Captain. Thank you for a…. lovely evening”. Seven approached the door as Jenny called out to her.

-“Don’t forget to lock the cargo bay behind you. You don’t want to get caught.” The rest laughed their heads off, and Seven made a hasty retreat. The others left too, seemingly in a hurry to get back to their own quarters.

Kathryn leaned back in her chair and let the memories suffuse her body again. She moaned softly into the air as her hands ran down her breasts. Her right hand slipped beneath the elastic of her loose pants and into her panties. She marveled at her own responsiveness, it had obviously been a while since she had pleasured herself. Her left hand massaged her breast and her right was rubbing her hypersensitive clitoris. And then the chime rang. Kathryn couldn’t believe it. Of all the times to disturb her it had to right now. She reluctantly removed her hands from her body and stood up to receive her unwelcome guest.

-“Come in”, she sighed. Chakotay walked in and her stimulated body reacted at once. He may not have been the inspiration for her fantasy tonight, but all the other lonely Delta Quadrant nights he had been the one in her thoughts.

-“What can I do for you, Chakotay?” She moved to the window, leaning her hands on the wide windowsill.

-“I met B’Elanna near her quarters. She said you probably needed me, and then Tom rounded the corner, and she pounced on him. What have you girls been doing in here?”

In the space of a few seconds her mind went through all the arguments she had for not being with Chakotay and suddenly they didn’t make much sense. Her mind and heart warred and her heart won.

-“You know, Chakotay, she’s right, I do need you. I just hope you’re ready for this.” She turned to face him, letting all her feelings show on her face. What he saw was love, adoration, trust and completely unmasked desire, all directed at him. Chakotay was shocked to say it mildly. In the space of a few moments his life was about to change. He had never seen this side of the woman he loved. It excited him and he was instantly hard. He was however unsure of what to do, so he just stared at her with a dreaming look in his eyes. Kathryn decided to take it a little further. She slowly unbuttoned the shirt she was wearing, and slid it off her shoulders, revealing a blue lace bra. A slow smile began to spread across Chakotay’s face. As he started his approach she removed her pants, kicking them away with her bare feet, revealing matching blue panties. He snaked his arm around her naked waist and drew her near for the first kiss. Ever the gentleman he wasn’t forceful, but she would have none of that and she parted his lips with her tongue and slipped it inside. Her hands swiftly removed his uniform jacket then broke the kiss to remove his turtleneck and undershirt. Chakotay was breathless.

-“I feel like it’s my birthday and I’ve finally gotten the gift I always wanted” he mused. Kathryn was busy kissing his broad chest and fumbling with the fasteners on his pants. He reached down to touch her through the fabric of her panties. She moaned in anticipation and sped up on removing his pants. She was getting impatient. Chakotay loved this side of her, but wasn’t sure it was all his fault. “Gods, Kathryn you’re so hot, what were you doing in here?”

-“I was making love to myself”, she breathed, finally pushing his pants down around his ankles.

-“Did I interrupt you”, he asked, while sliding her panties off. She only nodded, nipping on his earlobe, while stroking his hard erection through his boxers.

“Let me finish it for you.” He lifted her up to sit on the windowsill. Kathryn put her hands behind her for support and bit her lip in anticipation. He breathed on her wet sex and she arched her back in pleasure. Finally he placed his mouth on her, slipping her left leg over his shoulder for support. His tongue was masterfully manipulating her bundle of nerves, making her writhe against his mouth. She opened her eyes to look at him. He was on his knees, his face buried in her body. The sight of him so reverently pleasuring her sent her over the edge. She screamed his name as she came hard against his mouth. He waited for her to catch her breath.

-“Do you know how many nights I lay awake in my quarters imagining doing that to you?” Kathryn looked down in surprise at the déjà vu, then slipped off the windowsill to join him on the floor. She kissed him gently, then hugged him.

-“I love you, Chakotay”. He hugged her tighter and she felt his tears hit her back.

-“Oh gods I love you so much, Kathryn”, he almost sobbed, his unfulfilled desire forgotten for the moment. She stroked his back, then held his face, stroking his tattoo. She smiled.

-“Let’s go to bed, love, I’m not finished with you yet. The tense moment was broken and he hugged her again, laughing into her hair. His unfulfilled desire returned with a vengeance.

-“The bed sounds good.” He got up from the floor and pulled her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom, kissing her all the way there. He put her down next to the bed and removed her bra and threw it carelessly to the floor. She slid her hands down his sides and took his boxers with her all the way down to the floor where she kneeled in front of him. She gave him a gentle push, and he sat down on the bed. She slid her hands up his thighs and her mouth slowly approached his hard erection. She looked up at him and saw the anticipation and the frustration that she wouldn’t go faster. She smiled and then moved in and took him in her mouth. He groaned in pleasure as she skilfully moved her tongue around the swollen head. She moved down his shaft and took it all in, and Chakotay was gripping the bedding. His grasp on control was slipping quickly, and he reached down to pull Kathryn up on the bed.

-“No more, Kathryn, or it will be over before it’s begun.” Kathryn looked disappointed.

-“But I want to give you as much pleasure as you gave me.”

-“You will, but not the first time. I want to be inside you when I come.” He kissed her passionately, and they moved further up on the bed. Kathryn rolled him on his back and straddled his midsection. She reached behind her to stroke him, before she lifted herself up to slowly take him into her body. She let out an extended moan as he slid all the way inside, stretching her to fit him. When he was buried to the hilt he sat up and embraced her, both of them enjoying the sensation of being joined, but the need to move became too strong, and Kathryn started circling her hips on his lap. He lay back down to give her more freedom to move. She started a slow up and down rhythm, building the tension slowly, then faster. Chakotay was caressing her right breast and the other hand was gently touching her clitoris. He suddenly flipped them over, so he was on top. He fastened the pace, sliding easily in and out of her.

-“I love you so, Kathryn,” he breathed in the midst of his pleasure.

-“Oh God, I love you, Chakotay, ohhhh”.

Kathryn was panting, her orgasm approaching at a fast pace, promising to be explosive. Chakotay felt her inner walls tightening around his rock hard member, and just as he thought he couldn’t take anymore, Kathryn screamed with her release. Her muscles tightened harder and brought him with her over the edge. He spilled his seed into her, while moaning her name. He then collapsed on top of her, but quickly rolled to the side, afraid he was too heavy for her. They were both breathing hard.

-“Oh God, Chakotay! That was…if I’d known…”

-“It wouldn’t have changed a thing. You had to be ready. I’m just glad you finally decided you were.” Kathryn kissed his tattoo gently, and he caressed her bare back. Suddenly she sat up.

-“There’s a little thing I have to do. He looked at her curiously.

-“Janeway to Torres.” There was no response.” Captain Janeway to Lt. Torres”, she said with a very stern voice.

-“Torres here, Captain,” she answered, out of breath.

-“I’m considering letting you scrub the exhaust manifolds with your toothbrush, Lieutenant, for sending Chakotay up here the way you did.” There was very quiet in the other end, and Kathryn let it stretch a bit. “On the other hand I did need him and, he was very useful…and delicious”, she said as she pressed an open mouthed kiss to his chest.

-“So I guess you two finally worked things out, huh?” she asked hesitantly.

-“Oh yes, I think we did. I guess I should thank you, B’Elanna”.

-“No need Captain. I just look forward to our next girls’ night. And thank you for this night’s inspiration.”

-You’re welcome. Good night B’Elanna.

-“Good night Captain. Kathryn lay on Chakotay’s chest, which was shaking with laughter.

-“That wasn’t very nice Kathryn, scaring her like that.”

-“I know, but she deserved it for meddling, no matter how wonderful the outcome.” She kissed him again. He smiled into her kiss, both of them enjoying this new closeness.

-“What inspiration did B’Elanna talk about?” Chakotay asked, curiosity shining in his eyes. Kathryn gave him a sly smile.

-“Well when you put a bunch of girls in a room together the conversations usually become very interesting. He laughed. Maybe it was better he didn’t know. He pulled the covers over them and hugged her close to him. They fell asleep in each other’s arms, as the ship flew silently through the night.