Title: Sunlight
Author: leetah47
Rating: MA
Pairing: Adama/Roslin
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters.
Battlestar Galactica and its characters are the property of Scifi channel and Ron Moore.
Summary: The morning after the Groundbreaking ceremony.
Spoilers: Unfinished Business.
Thanks: To my ever faithful beta shakayla

Note: So, I’m in the middle of writing another A/R fic, and it’s taking me forever and I’m stuck on the last part, and then my muse decides to come up with this little story instead….
It’s the first A/R smut fic I’ve posted, and I’m not sure how good it is. But here it is.

I hope you enjoy


Laura awoke to a delicious feeling of warmth. The early morning sun was shining again, so rare on New Caprica. She didn’t open her eyes; just let the rays soak into her skin. After a few moments, she became aware that the heat wasn’t just radiating from above but from below as well. She was resting on something solid and warm and then she remembered…Bill. They’d fallen asleep on the sandbags outside her tent last night. It brought a smile to her face and she snuggled closer to his warmth.

“Morning.” His voice rumbled over her as he felt her move. She finally opened her eyes and their gazes met. The smile that refused to leave her face matched the one on his.

“Did we really sleep here all night?” She asked.

He nodded affirmatively. “Have you been awake long?” He shook his head, not taking his eyes off her.

“What were you doing?” She asked.

“Watching you.” He admitted.

Her smile widened. “You were watching me sleep?” He nodded his head.


“Because you’re beautiful when you sleep…and when you’re awake….and when you’re bathed in sunlight. The morning sun becomes you, Laura.” She giggled as a pretty blush covered her features at his words.

“You MUST still be drunk.” She joked; but the compliment went straight to her heart and she lifted herself higher so she could reach his lips. “Thank you.” She whispered before pressing her lips to his. He accepted her kiss and deepened it, setting a lazy pace. He rolled her onto her back, never breaking the kiss; his hand straying to her waist, stroking her through the camisole. Her fingers threaded through his hair and she hummed her pleasure low in her throat.

Too soon breath became necessary and they reluctantly separated. “I guess that’s as far as we got last night. You’re a great kisser, Bill Adama.”

At her words he leaned in and gave her several small kisses. “No, we got a bit further.” He looked down; his glance directed at the large knot that held her shirt together – a coy expression crossed his face as she realized the knot was undone. The realization made her giggle again. “And then you fell asleep on me.” He teased.

“Oh no, I believe you fell asleep first. I couldn’t get the buttons on this thing open and you fell asleep while I fumbled.” She gestured towards the buttons on his uniform.

“Weed and alcohol don’t go well with fooling around.” He stated.

She got a wistful look on her face. “It used to…”

Bill’s eyes flew to hers and she snorted in amusement at his shock. “I’m getting old, I’m not as adventurous as I once was.” She offered in way of explanation.

“You’ll have to tell me about that sometime…Frak, I’m hungry.” He exclaimed.

“Then we should get up.” Laura rose and dusted herself off; Bill’s eyes followed her all the way. She rolled her eyes at him humorously and extended a hand to help him up.

Just then Kara came rushing up to them, a very bleary-eyed looking Sam in tow, announcing they were getting married.


While Kara and Sam went to find a priest, Laura went with Bill to tell Tyrol and Cally they could stay on the planet. Bill was a bit slow this morning; and, when she had to feed him the words, she couldn’t help laughing at him. She needed to find him some coffee. She retied her shirt and headed off.

Coffee in hand they met up with the bride and groom at the river; Kara’s choice for the ceremony.

They stood side by side at the bank of the river as witnesses while the priest married Kara and Sam.

As they walked back to the settlement, Bill took her hand. In companionable silence, they enjoyed the slow pace and sunlight; a new feeling of closeness and carefree attitude between them after the night before.

Back at the settlement, she found him a large loaf of bread on which he immediately began munching. She had to hold back the laughter again and asked him to wait for her there while she found more coffee. When she came back, Lee was walking away, a crestfallen look on his face. “What’s wrong with Lee?” She asked and handed him a fresh cup of coffee.

“I told him about Kara’s wedding. He didn’t seem happy for her.” He accepted the coffee, but almost spilled it when she hit his arm.

“Of course he’s not happy! He likes her. Don’t you notice anything?” Bill looked at her surprised, but she just shook at head at him.

“Come on, Old Man, let’s go enjoy the day before you have to leave again.” She hooked her arm through his and they went to help clean up the mess from last night’s party.


The rest of the day went by quickly and soon raptors were leaving the surface to return to Galactica and the other ships in orbit. Bill stayed behind making sure all personnel were off the planet either to return to work or to start packing for their new lives on the surface.

As he stood alone on the raptor landing strip in the evening sun watching Laura approach, he wished he could stay here with her; wished he could help her build the cabin she had talked about the night before. The sun created a glowing halo effect around her head that made her red hair shine more than usual.

When she finally reached him, he raised his hand to cup her cheek. “The evening sun becomes you too, Laura.” She smiled and leaned into his touch, moving closer until they were embracing. “Thanks for two great days, Laura.” He said as he tightened the embrace.

“You too, Bill.” Her voice sounded choked and then she sighed into his shoulder. “I don’t want you to go.”

His hand came up to stroke her hair. “Me either.”

Her next statement took him by surprise. “Why didn’t we make love last night?”

He chuckled slightly. “We were drunk and high. We got as far as the shirt, remember?”

She smiled sadly. “I wish we had. The nights down here are cold and lonely…I…I wanted something to remember.” Her lips landed on his neck just above the collar of his uniform.

“The nights are lonely up there as well.” He inclined his head toward the sky, giving her lips better access.

Her hands started moving on his back as her mouth continued caressing his neck. “Make love to me before you go, Bill.”

It didn’t occur to him to say no. “Where?” was his response.

She manoeuvred them slightly until her back rested against the sun warmed hull of the raptor. “Here…or the ground… I don’t care. Please just don’t leave without us having shared this.” Her voice was pleading, she knew, but she didn’t care about anything other than having him make love to her.

He joined their lips in a hard kiss that quickly turned passionate; his fingers buried themselves in her hair as his mouth devoured hers. She moaned deep in her throat and pressed her lower body against his, feeling his arousal increase.

He made short order of reopening the knot on her shirt, pushing it aside so he could pull up the camisole enough for his hands to finally stroke her skin. Her fingers, which had been so clumsy the night before, made quick work with the buttons on his uniform jacket. She brushed it to the sides to pull his tanks free of his trousers, seeking out warm skin as well.

Bill leaned in to kiss down her collarbone as close to her breasts as he could get. His hand stroked her full mound through the camisole, well aware that he couldn’t strip her bare out here. His thumb circled a nipple and he promised himself that next time he would take his time and enjoy all of her.

He changed his direction and began pulling at the fabric of her skirt, getting it far enough up to reach her bare thigh. As his hand moved further up, he expected to meet fabric…but he never did. He smiled against her neck. “Where are your panties, Laura?”

She smiled into his neck in response. “I got rid of them sometime yesterday; figured I’d give you easy access if we got to this point.”

He growled in approval. “Smart woman.”

She moved to his belt buckle, opening his trousers, pushing them far enough away to give her access to his briefs. She stroked his erection through the fabric, feeling him harden at her touch. She freed him from his clothes and relished in the sensation of his naked flesh against her palm as her hand circled around his length.

His groan signalled his approval; but he stopped her movements. “Too sensitive.” He whispered. Laura released his length and slipped her hands up over his chest and circled his neck, joining their lips again in a passionate kiss. He lifted one of her legs and let it rest on his hip, reaching beneath her skirt to slip his fingers through her folds. His thumb found her clit with precision and he stroked her gently for a few minutes. Bill listened intently as her breathing changed before he pushed first one finger and then two into her sheath, watching as her eyes opened, glazed over - seeing nothing; her mouth taking in much needed oxygen.

Laura suddenly realized they were completely alone and that she didn’t have to restrain herself as she had done the last two years when she dreamed of him in her bed at night. She cried out her delight simply because she could.

His hand moved rhythmically against her, his thumb stroking her clit as his fingers massaged her inner walls. The scent of her arousal and the warm feel of her against his hand made his body tighten with need for her. He tore his gaze from her face and attacked her neck with his lips, biting gently and soothing it with his tongue. “You feel so good, Laura…”

She could only respond with sounds as her head fell back against the hull, her eyes closed as she concentrated on the feel of him. Her head moved of its own will, giving him greater access to her neck. His thumb continued circling her pearl in rhythm with his thrusting fingers and Laura began to drive her hips against his hand to further increase the sensation. Bill could feel her inner muscles begin to quiver and a moment later she was there. “Oh Gods ….Bill…Oh GODS!” Her voice was loud and music to his ears.

He only gave her a moment to recover before he effortlessly slid into her wet heat. He felt her muscles gently tightening around him in her aftershocks and he groaned at the exquisite feeling. She gasped into his mouth, the sensations overwhelming her. He stilled, letting her body adjust to the welcome intrusion, one arm holding her to him while the other stroked along the smooth thigh resting against his hip.

He leaned in to join them in a long kiss before slowly beginning to move; setting a steady pace of deep thrusts. Laura matched his rhythm with counterthrusts and flexed her muscles around him, concentrating on bringing him pleasure. His length created the most delicious friction as they worked towards climax; the scent and tiny sounds of pleasure surrounded him in the late afternoon sun. Control was slipping - even though he wanted this to last; he knew he was on the edge.

Laura was right there teetering on the brink with him. She dug her fingers into the rough fabric of his uniform as her voice rose with the tension they created within each other. Her release exploded through her body with a force she had not expected and a loud scream of completion tore from her throat.

Bill joined her with a low moan that may have been her name, pushing into her and holding them still. She could feel him throbbing inside of her as his release claimed him and she squeezed herself around him with all her might. They stood for a moment like that, their hard breathing in sync.

As he lowered her leg back to the ground, he regretfully slipped from her body. She gave a small moan from the sensation as she tried to find her footing along with her breath. She leaned into his embrace again, a low hum in her throat conveying her contentment. When her breath and voice returned, all she could say was: “Wow….”

“Yeah…” He agreed.

She kissed her way up his neck to find his mouth again and they shared small kisses and caresses in the afterglow. All too soon reality imposed again and they both knew he had to leave. She helped him refasten his uniform; and, when he looked presentable again, he retied her shirt.

“Don’t stay away too long.” She whispered against his lips. “The memory will only keep me warm so long.”

His hands reached up and caressed her face; his gaze holding hers intently before he leaned in and kissed her one last time - a long and tender kiss, filled with newly discovered emotions. They eased away from each other, only their hands were still entwined. “I’ll come back as soon as circumstances allow.” She nodded, not trusting her voice to work properly. “Bye, Laura.”

“Bye, Bill.” It came out as a whisper.

He reluctantly let go of her hand and boarded the raptor. She fought to contain her tears. The last thing he saw before leaving shouldn’t be her tears. So she forced a bright smile as he settled in the cockpit and raised his hand to rest against the window. She raised her hand to mirror his before turning and running to a safe distance. The engine roared to life and kicked up dust and wind as it ascended. The last thing Bill saw before turning the raptor towards the sky was Laura in her red dress, bathed in late afternoon sunlight.

She remained standing there on the empty landing strip for as long as she could see the little vessel.

As the raptor slowly disappeared from her sight, the last rays of sunlight disappeared with it…fading gently below the horizon.

The End.