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The party had been great, but maybe they had both had a little too much to drink of the real alcohol. Kathryn Janeway and her First Officer Chakotay were now sitting on the couch in the Captain’s quarters sipping yet another drink. As most Indians in the past the alcohol got into Chakotay’s bloodstream pretty quickly and he soon passed out on the couch. Kathryn didn’t have the heart to wake him; he was so beautiful in his sleep, so she took off his shirt and shoes, then covered him with a blanket. She kneeled in front of him and watched him for a moment, then she leaned over and touched her lips to his and whispered.

-”Sleep well, my angry warrior.” Then she moved to the bedroom and stripped off all her clothes before slipping between the covers.

Kathryn woke the next morning, feeling surprisingly energetic. Her stomach growled, which told her that she had been drinking the night before. She got out of bed, thinking herself completely alone, and crossed the living room to the replicator blissfully naked.

Chakotay was awakened by the hum of the replicator, and as he opened his eyes he was greeted by a sight he had only imagined in his dreams: Kathryn Janeway, naked as the day she was born, slipping an asparagus into her mouth, moaning like it tasted good. In his surprise he fell from the couch with a loud thump. Kathryn jumped in surprise; luckily she hadn’t picked up the plate yet, or there would have been asparagus all over the floor. She was so startled to see him there that she forgot that she wasn’t wearing anything. For a moment they just stared at each other, while she remembered just why he was there. Then she noticed the obvious desire in his look, and she suddenly became aware of her nakedness. Despite herself she didn’t panic, she just reached for the blanket, which had fallen to the floor. She was however so befuddled that she forgot to wrap the blanket all the way around her when she retreated to the bedroom. Chakotay got a good long look at her well-shaped backside, before he sat down on the couch to calm himself.

In the safe haven of her bedroom she dropped the blanket and reached for her pink satin robe. Her whole body had responded to the intense desire in his eyes and she took a moment to calm herself, before reentering the living room.

Kathryn walked over to the replicator and picked up the plate, before sitting down next to him.

-”Maybe we should retrace our steps from last night”, he started. “I’m afraid I don’t know how I ended up sleeping on your couch.” She smiled, then complied.

-”We went to the party on the Holodeck, and we both had a little too much of Tom’s homebrew. We ended up here for a nightcap and you passed out.”

-”I passed out! Then how did I get undressed?” Kathryn blushed.

-”Well, I didn’t want to wake you, so I removed your shoes and shirt and gave you a blanket. then I k...” She stopped mid sentence”...Then I went to bed”, she finished. Chakotay smiled at her slip; he knew exactly what she had been about to say.

-”Did you kiss me while I was sleeping, Kathryn?” She looked terribly ashamed.

-”How could you do that!?” he said angrily, and then added “when I wasn’t conscious enough to participate.” She looked up and saw his smile.

-”I ‘m sorry, but you looked so sweet and peaceful, I couldn’t resist”, she defended herself.

-”You’re forgiven, but I think you owe me a kiss now that I am awake”, he teased. He hadn’t expected her to comply, but she leaned over and touched her lips to his as gently as the night before. He responded carefully, then she responded more forcefully, and before either of them knew what was happening, she was straddling his thighs, her tongue tangling with his. His hands caressed her back and her fingers ran through his hair. Kathryn reached that moment in her mind where she would have to retreat or go all the way. What was she really afraid of? His love for her was evident, all she had to do was take it. And suddenly she couldn’t find one reason against it. Command structure would still be there, the crew wouldn’t mind, and a lot of them already had their own theories about their relationship. The point where she could have stopped this came and went; her decision was made.

She took one of his hands caressing her back and placed it on her breast. He moaned, surprised, but then he began to tease her erect nibble through the satin. She let her own hand run down his naked chest to the waist of his pants, where she slowly opened the fasteners, then lifting herself, so he could slip them off. She slid her hand into his groin and was rewarded with another moan. With her other hand she took his and led it down ward until it reached the tie around her waist. He loosened it until the robe fell open and revealed her naked body to him for the second time this morning. She then led his hand lower and moaned when it made contact with her vulva. His whole hand cupped her, and he could feel her throbbing against his palm. She lifted herself up and hovered above his erection which strained for her, then she slowly lowered herself over him, until she was sitting down again. Her hands moved over him as she whispered.

-”Oh god, you feel so good.” She began moving on him, her long hair falling forward onto his chest. He strained not to close his eyes, he wanted to watch every nuance of her in this act, which he thought he would never share with her. Pleasure crossed her features and she opened her eyes to look at him.

-”You are so beautiful, Kathryn” The sound of her name spoken in that husky voice filled with pleasure almost sent her over, but she would not go alone.

-”Come with me, Chakotay, please.” She quickened her pace, holding herself back, waiting for him, then she felt his hips moving upwards to meet hers, and she let go, tossing her head back, screaming his name. A few seconds later he joined her, with a few uneven thrusts upwards, before he fell back on the couch, and she came down to lay her head on his chest. They both breathed heavily, but Chakotay managed to get a few words out.

-”My god Kathryn, what just happened?” She lifted her head and smiled seductively at him.

-”We just made love, my angry warrior”, she purred. He threw his head back laughed.

-”What made you change your mind?” he asked

-”I don’t know... all the excuses I’ve been hiding behind suddenly seemed meaningless...and so here I am and I’m not going anywhere.” He held her for a long time, until they both nodded off. Kathryn was startled awake by Tuvok’s voice.

-”Janeway here”, she answered.

-”Captain, you and the Commander are 30 minutes late for Bridge duty”, he said matter of factly.

-”Frankly, Tuvok, I overslept, I think both the Commander and I had too much to drink and aren’t in much shape to command anything today.”

-”Understood, Captain, I will not expect either of you until tomorrow, Tuvok out.”

Chakotay giggled.

-”I can’t believe you lied to him.”

-”Well, it wasn’t a complete lie. Besides he likes being in command. Come on, I’ll show you my bedroom”, she said suggestively, swaying her hips as she walked. He almost ran after her and knocked her on the bed; they had, after all, three years of pent up passion to work through.....